Mi Gets Undressed

An ultra-affordable Smartphone that works much better than you would ever expect

To be extremely honest and as loyal fan boys of either Apple or Samsung, this was our first experience with the Mi 4i and it has been a memorable one for good reason. The colours on the display and battery life are really amazing and for a phone that is only priced at a mere S$279, it really isn’t difficult to find a reason to not love the Mi 4i.

Four Absolutely Amazing Things about the Mi 4i:

1. It works seamlessly even under pressure. We were downloading close to 10 apps at a go, surfing the internet and listening to music on the Mi 4i. To our surprise, it did not hang nor lag during that 30mins of excessive usage.

2. The battery life is so long, we literally thank god every time a friend’s mobile device battery dies – Because if anyone’s battery were to be the first to go, you know it is not going to be you.

3. It has been over a week and we are still going gaga over the front camera’s ability to predict your age. No, we are not delusional. Just that sometimes it is nice to be told that you look 17 and not 27.

4. Due to its really slim and small overall size, it fits almost any pocket size. There were so many instances that we thought we had lost the Mi 4i – Yes, we are mostly Samsung Note and iPhone 6 users.


Overall, there really isn’t anything negative to be said about Xiaomi’s Mi 4i. However it would be really great if Xiaomi considered these two changes:

1. Change Xiaomi Mi 4i’s casing to be made using metal. Not just for aesthetics, but if the Mi 4i is made using metal it would have a better overall feel when held.

2. It is really cool that the Mi 4i does not lag when used excessively however, the device does heat up a little quickly. You have no idea how many times we have asked amongst ourselves if the device was going to catch fire!


For more in depth specifications of the Mi 4i, head over to the main article that we have covered here. The Xiaomi Mi 4i is now available in Singapore on its online store and retails on its online website for S$279.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 19, 2015 5:15PM GMT+8


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