More Hot Contenders to bag GOLD at SiTF Awards 2016

The SiTF (Singapore infocomm Technology federation) 2016 awards where we named our hottest contenders over here, is imminent. This year, there is an excellent group of start-ups competing to take home the gold.

However, start-ups who are slightly further along also get an arena to themselves to compete in and after much scrutiny, we have made our selections for who we will stand the best chance of winning the SiTF awards (growth phase).


It’s no secret that we live in an age of rapid technological advancement and businesses find themselves requiring to have an online presence or, get left behind. However, savvy businesses know that assessing their analytics is also key to increasing their online presence and growing their company.

However, analytics can be overwhelming, seemingly impenetrable and even more difficult to understand often taking hours of poring over reports to find actionable intelligence. This is where Nugit steps in. They know that most of the time spent on data analysis is wrangling and compiling data before reports to create insights and actions to be taken can be done. 

Nugit uses artificial intelligence, natural language generation and visual design to turn your data into reports that help you make business decisions based on their interpretation and filters. The reports generated such as the one shown above can indicate how effective campaigns and advertisements are to help direct your attention and effort to where it is needed most.

David Sanderson, CEO and founder of Nugit told Techstorm that "At Nugit, we are passionate about realising the potential of data and technology to deliver better marketing, It’s not enough to just build technology that automates data analytics reporting the way humans do it. The new generation of technology has to do a significantly better job and truly deliver a step change in insight quality.”

Why we think they could win?

The most important currency of businesses is time. Nugit, could potentially save lots of time through their powerful analytics interpretation and presentation features to help businesses make decisions without having to slog through hours of data.


We already wrote about how having an online presence is extremely important for businesses. Arcadier, is a robust platform that allows for the creation of an online store with ease and for any kind of business or service with no knowledge of coding or website building required.

The Co-founders of Arcadia, Paul Cascun, Kennth Low and Dinuke Ranasinghe

The platform allows for listing of items on a marketplace with ease, process payments and manage inventory from your smart device or your desktop.

When asked about why Arcadier was created, Dinuke said “Not every marketplace wants to be an eBay. Many marketplaces want to serve a local community or be created for use within a company.” “Through its technology, Arcadier has created a level-playing field where anyone with a marketplace idea could have it set up within minutes with no coding experience necessary.”

Why we think they could win?

Having an online presence is critical to the success of modern businesses. Arcadier can help entrepreneurs, businesses both new and old to start listing and selling any product or service online with ease.


Oddle provides a way for smaller restaurants to develop an online and delivery option. At this point you are probably thinking that this is all old hat and that there are services such as UberEats, Deliveroo, Foodpanda and more which already do the same right?

Technically, from the consumers point of view, it makes no difference as long as someone shows up with your food without any hassle or fuss. Restaurants and cafes which prepared the food however, often have to pay high transaction fees to these services in order to monetize through a delivery system.

Oddle differentiates itself by offering a flat subscription fee per outlet, and allows food outlets to customize the look of their ordering page and other features. This means that while the barrier to entry is higher than transaction based services, earnings can be higher if online orders perform well.

The team at Oddle pointed us to a satisfied customer who told us that “"Oddle is intuitive, flexible, easy to learn and implement. The Oddle team, with their extensive experience in F&B sales and marketing, is able to create a system that is truly beneficial for the industry." - Chen Soong Fee, Lady M.

Why we think they could win?

The Oddle team

Oddle was developed by a chef, for chefs when he found current systems and services such as Foodpanda lacking and expensive. This was why he created oddle, to allow smaller restaurants to monetize through delivery and online ordering without having to give up too much profit.

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By Nicholas Ho / 4 October, 2016 11:00 GMT+8 Singapore

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