My 1st Date with the S6 and an Entourage of Celebs

Giltz, glamour and gadget fest!

Note to self, when Samsung says gala dinner and world tour in the same sentence they really mean business. Samsung hosted the gala Galaxy S6 World Tour dinner last night at the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, in celebration of its Galaxy S6 and Edge launch. 

Pulling out all tricks from their bag for the launch, Samsung brought technology, fashion and entertainment together in one place. Their extensive guest list for the night included partners, media and celebrities from Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. Notable celebrities included international artiste Fann Wong from Singapore and Phuong Vy from Vietnam who won the first season of Vietnam Idol, both graced the event. Even with celebrities present, all talk in the room stayed focused on the trendy S6.

The event kicked off with Mr Yong Sung Jeon, President and CEO, Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania, giving the opening address. Videos introducing the S6 were seriously just amazing. One of the most important traits of any Samsung Smartphone is the camera. We were showed pictures and videos taken with the S6 compared side by side with Apple’s latest iPhone 6. In a nutshell, pictures taken with the iPhone 6 were embarrassing as compared to those taken with the S6. We solemnly swear that we are not biased! (Read more on why the Galaxy S6 reigns supreme here)

The main highlight of the evening goes to the amazing fashion show. Samsung teamed up with renowned Singaporean fashion designer Max Tan for this, showcasing Tan’s new collection and more importantly flaunt just how beautiful the S6 really is. There was even a short live performance by Phuong Vy to boot; not a dull moment at the event. Apart from all the gilts and glamour of the event, Samsung has managed to position the sexy S6 not only as a gadget but as a fashion statement.

What more can we say? The S6 is for now, the one gadget to want and own.  



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / April 2, 2015 2:05PM GMT+8


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Under these pretty gift boxes were the S6 and Edge

The amazing crowd at the event

The Samsung x Oculus gadget was available for play during the event

Fann Wong and models showcasing the S6

Designer Max Tan sharing his take on the S6