OMG, What Have You Done To Mi?

This review is going to be hard to do, as I still remain emotionally conflicted on my new found love for Xiaomi’s Mi Note

Being an all-rounder, the Mi Note gets a 7.2 on the rating scale. Thanks to its camera, sleek exterior design and super affordable price of SG$579. However, there are some minor flaws that if corrected, would elevate this Smartphone to a whole new elite level.

I have met so many naysayers when any of Xiaomi’s products are the main topic for discussion. Which is ironic because my experience with the Mi Note has been nothing short of awesome and refreshing - In a sense. However, when I say that it really is not a bad Smartphone given its really affordable price tag, I really do mean it. 

I have always been an avid user of a particular Android Smartphone, but after two weeks of making the switch to the Mi Note, I am in trouble. 

I am in trouble because now, I don’t really want to switch back to my actual Smartphone.

Here’s my personal but professional take on what’s awesome and what’s not-so-awesome about the Mi Note:


1. Themes – Instead of having to download a third-party software to change the boring themes that a Smartphone usually comes with, Xiaomi has a dedicated app just for themes. Choose from cityscapes, geometric shapes or even themes surrounding your favourite hues to best suit your own personal style. Best part of it all, most of them are free!


2. Oh So Slim – You will only really take notice at how slim and lightweight a Smartphone is when you put it in your pocket. In the case of the Mi Note, it is so slim there were two separate occasions I actually thought I had misplaced it. Even with its large 5.7” display, the Mi Note manages to hide itself in my pocket (No, I have not lost any feeling in either of my legs).


3. Picture Perfect – No, a cheaper Smartphone does not equate a lousier or less competent camera and the Mi Note is evidence of this. I am just going to let the picture convince you. No surgery of any kind was done on the image. Just take a look at the amazing colour contrast and details.



1. Unlocking Can Be A Finger Breaking Chore – Unlocking your screen on the Mi Note might pose as a challenge to some, like me. There were a few occasions when I had difficulties unlocking the screen due to it not being able to sense my touch. It is not like my hands are small or that I did not swipe the screen properly, I did, the device just sometimes isn’t as sensitive as I thought it would be.


2. Battery Life – Let’s face it, in this day and age when everything can be done on your Smartphone, the bigger the battery the better. Although the Mi Note’s battery is 3000mAh large, there were days when I was struggling to preserve the precious battery. This wasn’t the result of me playing games on it for a few hours at a time or constantly check my social media accounts. It was just some gaming here and there, texting and periodical checking of my social media accounts – Swear.


Overall, my experience with the Mi Note has been an eye opener. It is one of the better devices that pack some premium specifications and able to take quality images while still remaining affordable. That being said, battery life is a real issue if you are into taking pictures and documenting your entire life on social media or stream movie shows on-the-go.

If you are wondering about its specific specifications, check out the in depth article here.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / August 25, 2015 2:30PM GMT+8


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