Put Some Tech On Your Workout!

Put Some Tech On Your Workout!

Looking for the latest gadgets to help you work out smarter and better?

With the SEA Games happening in Singapore very soon, it is apt to see how technology has made sports a lot more fun and effective than it was before all these. Now, you can have smart basketballs that teach you how to improve your skills, and even a sock that tells you that the way you are running is damaging to your feet.

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Sensoria Smart Socks

When wearing these socks, you will not suffer from anymore knee or feet pain due to the wrong way of running. These socks are infused with comfortable, textile pressure sensors that, when connected to an app on your phone, will tell you whether you are striking the ground with your heel or the ball of your foot. This will help you assess whether you are running correctly, and prevent you from getting hurt.

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Smart Mat

Have you always wanted a personal yoga trainer whenever you felt like it, but just could not afford it or think it is feasible? Enter the Smart Mat. It observes you by detecting your posture and movements through sensors so that you will know when you get out of position. But first, you will have to let the Smart Mat learn your body and calibrate according to it, by gathering data about your body, personal limitations and Yoga abilities. This will continue to evolve as you use the Smart Mat more often, so it becomes like a personalised yoga teacher. As usual, this works with an attached smartphone app, so all the data is in your phone.

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Smart Basketball

Ever wanted to learn how to shoot the hoops like Michael Jordan? Now you can, with a basketball which is, smart. It looks like every regular basketball, no wires or funny buttons lying around. It can measure the regulation size, weight and spin and provide instant feedback on every shot and dribble. All these is channelled into the app, which you can interact with and observe your playing to improve. The app is in itself quite amazing, with features like shooting arc, dribble intensity and speed, shot release speed and shot backspin. If you do not play basketball, these terms might be confusing for you, but you can quickly learn to be much better using both the smart basketball and its app.

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Smart Jumping Rope

Challenge your friends to see how can jump the most times in a minute, with this smart jumping rope. It becomes a fun game, which is also fat burning as well. The jumping rope analyses your workouts so it can personalise according to what you need, according to your movements. You can also share your best jumping results, and proudly show your achievements on social media. This smart jumping rope gives you no excuse to skip your daily workout!


By Chan Shu Hui / June 4, 2015 4:55PM GMT+8


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