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LG unveils a goddess draped in leather

If elegance and unique design can be put into a Smartphone, then LG has the solution with its all new G4. The G4 is LG’s newest flagship Smartphone which is set to elevate the bar for Smartphones everywhere, with improved camera features and its unique design. LG has kept its Slim Arc design that distinguishes the G4 and provides a more comfortable grip when held. Additionally, this design contributes to 20 percent better durability as compared to flat Smartphones when dropped face-down (good news for the butter finger alliance).

While the rest of the elite Smartphone are gaga over Super AMOLED displays, LG equips the G4 with its new 5.5” IPS Quantum display. Offering greater colour reproduction, improved brightness and colour contrast. Weighing only 155g, the G4 is a heavy weight when it comes to specifications. This includes Qualcomm Snapdragon, Android 5.1 Lollipop, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM. Unlike other Smartphones, the G4 has a ‘rare’ removable 3000mAh battery and expandable micro SD slot that supports up to 2TB (an insane amount of expandable memory).

In keeping up with LG’s vision of delivering comfortable elegance, the G4 is available in a spectrum of colours and even in leather! Great news for not just those who are looking for something different but also those with the ‘handbag phenomenon’ (characterised by a person’s incessant need to colour match everything to their handbag). The genuine leather version comes in three colours Black, Brown and Red while the metallic version comes in Metallic Gray and Shiny Gold.



Apart from just having a 16MP rear-facing camera, it is equipped with an f/1.8 aperture lens (lower the aperture value, the better it is for images taken in dim light). Which means you can now take pictures even in badly lit environments and it will not look pitch black.

For those who are really into camera and DSLRs, this is for you! The G4’s rear-facing camera has a feature named Manual Mode that allows you to control the camera just like a DSLR. We are talking ISO, white balance, exposure, focus and shutter speed; exactly like a legit DSLR camera. Advanced photographers can also save their photos in RAW format in addition to JPEG, for more precise editing without losing any details.

The G4 camera gets even more awesome with its 8MP front-facing camera, perfect for all the selfie-addicts out there. Doesn’t hurt that this front-facing camera can be controlled using LG’s signature Gesture Interval Shot feature. By simply opening and closing your hands once, you give the command for the front camera to take a selfie. If you do it twice, the front camera will take four continuous shots spaced two seconds apart. So you can now concentrate on posing for that perfect selfie instead of fiddling with the buttons!

Additional Features

In addition to G4’s big bag of tricks, it comes preloaded with Google Office for ease on-the-go. In addition to that, you get a whopping 100GB worth of Google Drive storage free for two years; that is a ton of serious storage space.

The G4 will be available in Singapore by the end of May, prices are listed at S$928 (metal) or S$998 (leather).


Wonder How Does the G4 Match Up to Samsung Galaxy’s S6?

  • Even though the G4 is available in a spectrum of visually pleasing colours and leather, it still falls short of having that wow factor as compared to S6.
  • The S6 manages to successfully package itself as a trendy lifestyle must have gadget, while the G4 seems to be aiming at a more mature crowd - that just bought it because she wanted a better than average phone to match her handbag.
  • Specifications wise both are approximately the same.
  • LG wins on having the Manual Mode and a slightly better lens (f/1.8 – G4 and f/1.9 – S6) for its rear-facing camera.
  • Not to mention the G4 has removable battery and expandable memory which are just some things we really love, that sadly Samsung took away.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / April 30, 2015 12:30PM GMT+8


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