Secrets To Having An Awesome Trip On A Budget

June is almost upon us, and many of us are looking forward to travelling overseas either to scratch another location off our bucket list, or to simply escape the daily grind for some well-deserved R&R. But, we always worry about the cost. Coupled with the copious amount of planning the flights, hotels, deciding what to pack, navigation and many other factors can quickly pile up into a daunting task that will challenge even veteran travellers.

As always. Tech Storm has got you covered with a list of mobile apps and travel gadgets to help you save money, plan and to also enhance your travel experience.



Hipmunk, with its creator’s design philosophy of, “We want you to spend as little time on our site with the least amount of pain as possible,” is a travel search aggregator website and app which, differentiates itself by offering search results filtered according to an “agony” index with factors such as cost, layovers, transfers, cost and other variables. If your flight on the day you picked is expensive, it will show a list of cheaper dates to travel. It also includes user reviews of airlines and hotels and a heat map to indicate your hotel’s proximity to attractions.


Tripit is a travel planning app that compiles your entire travel itinerary into one convenient location. Once you link your email address with the app, it will trawl your emails for your travel plans and automatically updates itself to present you with your itinerary. Tripit also includes suggested travel times, maps and allows you to share your travel information with your friends and loved ones.

Image credit: Tripit


If you are leery of data roaming charges or buying an overseas sim card, HERE Maps is an offline maps app that features turn by turn navigation for more than 1,200 towns and cities in more than 100 countries. It also supports navigation based on mode of transport and even indoor maps for select buildings. 

Image credit: Here Maps


If you are worried about balancing your finances but still want to enjoy your holiday, Expensify will help you to keep track of your travel expenditure. One of its defining features is Smart Scan which allows the app to capture and log receipts from your phone camera. The app can also track your credit card purchases if you permit it to do so. 

Image credit: Expensify



Designed to create a streamlined travel experience, Trunkster is a smart luggage constructed from sturdy aircraft grade aluminium that is impact, drop and water resistant. It features a zipperless, sturdy, waterproof roll top door to allow easy access to your belongings, a removable battery with two USB ports, GPS tracking and an inbuilt digital scale in its handle. 

Image credit: Trunkster


If you are planning to go off the grid or even multiple countries but still need to remain connected to your travel companions without buying several sim cards, goTenna could be the solution for you. By connecting your smartphone to a goTenna by Bluetooth, it will allow you to send messages to other users with a goTenna within several miles.

Image Credit: goTenna

By Nicholas Ho / 30 May, 2016 17:30 GMT+8 Singapore

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