SG50's 50 Innovations

As Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee this year, Tech Storm embarks on a project to shine the spotlight on 50 local innovations, inventions and entrepreneurs who dared to challenge.*

We will be having a weekly theme and will feature two to three companies, entrepreneurs or innovators that have helped shape the techy world we all now live in.

    Week Themes
* This is a countdown to shine a spotlight on innovation, inventions and entrepreneurs in Singapore. The order of those featured is not an indication of its ranking or merit, all featured are placed on the same level and arranged according to the weekly category in place.
      1 Recruitment Websites
      2 Women in Tech
      3 Gadget Galore!
      4 Gaming Studios
      5 Lifestyle Apps
      6 Software to save the day!
      7 Online Shopping
      8 Foodie Apps
      9 Serial Entrepreneurs
      10 Love is what makes the world go round!
      11 Mummy's Little Helpers
      12 Education
      13 MedTech
      14 Shopping Help!
      15 June Holiday Ideas
      16 Reinventing The Ordinary
      17 Work Hard And Play Even Harder!
      18 Doctor Doctor
      19 Easy Peasy
      20 Technopreneurs Give Back
      21 Clean As We Go!
      22 Business Help
      23 Lifestyle And Entertainment Ideas