Smart Robots That Run Our Homes

Unsure of how to make your home smart? Not to worry, our list will get you on the way to having a home like Iron Man.

Have you ever left the house and after a while, niggling doubts crowd your mind? Doubts such as whether or not you turned on your security, turned off your air-conditioning amongst many other worries.

We have gathered a list of powerful and unique smart home devices to assist you on your journey of transforming your abode into one that rivals Tony Stark’s.



The iCamPRO is a robotic smart camera which can talk, hear, detect faces and track intruders in a 360-degree angle to guard your family and home.

Image Credit: iCamPRO

The device features 256-bit encryption, customizable zones to ignore and two-way audio feed, the iCamPRO seeks to bring you a peace of mind while you are away from your home. ICamPRO will fit into any standard light bulb socket and is controllable from your smart phone.


The FURo-I is a domestic smart robot that seeks to provide companionship, security and to help families who are away from each other due to travel, odd work hours to be able to connect with each other.

Image credit: FURo-I

FURo-I features a “view home” mode that allows you to pilot the robot via your smartphone to patrol around the house to check on your pet, security or even your children and for them to interact with you. It also acts as a personal assistant and has a “planner” mode to wake you up on time, remind you to pay bills, take the medication, turn on security mode and more.

FURo-I also allows you to control other smart home devices such as turning on the lights, music, television and other electronics even if you are out of the house.


Ulo is a Kickstarter project featuring a smart and adorable home surveillance camera. Shaped like an owl that can fit in your palm. it has an adhesive base that allows it to be placed on any flat surface such as walls, shelves tables and more. It has large expressive customizable eyes to indicate battery levels, what mode it is in and even the weather.

Image credit: Ulo

Ulo is waterproof, compatible with any device with an internet connection, has speakers to “talk” to you and a battery life of two days. Ulo is available for pre-order with shipping estimated to be in November 2016.


There is a plethora of smart locks available right now and most of them work by the same way. A deadbolt with a more sophisticated method of releasing the lock. What differentiates Havenlock from the rest is its unique way of protecting your door. From the bottom.

Image credit: Havenlock

Constructed from military grade materials, Havenlock forms a wedge barrier that reinforces and locks your door. Featuring a Bluetooth keyfob for easy access, it also integrates into your smart home and will notify you of any break in attempts. Havenlock is currently available for pre-order and projected to ship in Fall 2016.


ICamPRO – The deluxe model featured is 299 USD excluding shipping from their online store and available now -

FURo-I – 1,200 USD, available via their email sales team and ships worldwide -

Ulo - $158, available for pre-order from their website and expected to ship November this year -

Havenlock – Available for $250 in fall of 2016 and worldwide distribution to be announced pre-orders available via website -

By Nicholas Ho / 21 July, 2016 17:30 GMT+8 Singapore

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