The ONLY App You Need To Survive CNY.

Technology in the form of a web app to Save Our Sanity (S.O.S)!

Yes! It’s the time of the year again to feast, mingle with once-a-year relatives, collect or distribute red packets and play mahjong. However, let us not forget the awkward questions nosey parker aunties and know-it-all uncles will ask repeatedly year after year. Okay, we get that your son is studying to be a doctor and your daughter is studying to be some scientist that is going to save the world from mass destruction. We have just chosen the unbeaten and way more interesting path!

This year, we bring you a web app so awesome that it will save your sanity and throw those nosey relative of yours off their game!

Introducing the web app whysokaypoh.

The best thing ever created to help save teens, adults and singles from the ever poisonous tongues of relatives who claim they only do it because they care (thank the heavens this is an annual event).

Even if you are never caught in such a position, just visit the page. Trust us, it will provide you a good laugh (or many) with relatives and maybe in the process limit the incessant annoying questions posed.

We are just going to let the screen grabs do the selling on why you really need to visit this page.


Choose from the wide range of topics for a good rebuttal! Almost every ‘traditional’ question you can be asked is covered here. This is like the TYS (Ten Year Series) of kaypoh questions and answers.

Image Credit: whysokaypoh


For the singles, here are some perfect comebacks!

Image Credit: whysokaypoh


Unless you are a doctor, lawyer or banker everything else is just a hobby.
Image Credit: whysokaypoh


We say, be comfortable in your own skin. If they can’t appreciate you for who you are, they deserve a smacking ‘good’ answer; preferably in the face.
Image Credit: whysokaypoh


The most popular question for any newly married or married couples who just wish to saver the freedom they have!
Image Credit: whysokaypoh


Annoying questions + Perfect rebuttals = A Wonderful Chinese New Year

The perfect app for some light hearted fun with relatives during the Chinese New Year. We are sure by now you can understand why this is the best app ever invented to saving anyone's sanity. For those who really face relatives raining such questions on you, we totally sympathise with every inch of our heart. However, its always better you then us! :x

For those who do not celebrate Chinese New Year or have annoying relatives (how lucky are you?), this web app is still good fun and easily the talking point at most festive family gathering of all sorts. So go ahead, have some fun and laughter courtesy of whysokaypoh.

Tech Storm wishes you a fortune filled and joyous Chinese New Year this 2015!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / February 16, 2015 2:45PM GMT+8

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