These Start-Ups Will Give Facebook A Run for Their Money

Echelon Asia Summit 2015 is here in Singapore, this time with more start-ups and exciting innovation than ever before

The annual gathering of the brightest International start-ups and investors is here once again with Echelon Asia Summit 2015, brought to you by e27. This year, more drone, Smart home application and virtual reality stimulator start-ups were exhibiting at the event. Aside from these, Echelon Asia Summit 2015 has also handpicked the Top 100 start-ups that are set to represent the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship of Asia. 

Amongst the myriad of amazing start-ups showcased at the event, we managed to suss out four start-ups that caught our eye and could potentially be the next Fortune 500 companies. Who knows?


dailyHOTEL (Korea)

Ever needed to book a hotel at the very last minute because of a layover or an impromptu trip? Well, that’s what Korean start-up dailyHOTEL is all about. This is a Smartphone application with the sole purpose of enabling the user to book their accommodation as quickly, cheaply and with as little hassle as possible.

We tested out the app and it was really pretty cool. Within just less than 20seconds you are able to book a chosen hotel at a rather heavily discounted rate! Although it is a bummer that they are currently only available in Korea, dailyHOTEL is looking to expand its services to the rest of Asia within the next couple of months. So do look out for them!

dailyHOTEL is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.


Alfred (Taiwan)

Ever wanted to purchase a home CCTV for home security reasons or just because you are a possessive pet-parent? Well, you no longer have to purchase a CCTV for all that now. With a Smartphone application named Alfred, your spare Smartphone can now be repurposed into a portable CCTV for your home that can be fully controlled with a mobile app! How cool is that? You get to save money and recycle what would have been technological waste at the same time.

Alfred is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.


Epicurio (Singapore)

Handpicked as one of the Top 100 start-ups at the Echeleon Asia Summit 2015 is Epicurio, a mobile application for the wine lovers. Whether you are just a recreational wine drinker or wine connoisseur, Epicurio is for every wine enthusiast in Singapore. With the mobile application you are able to give wine reviews, rate, find new wines, read honest reviews submitted by other wine enthusiasts on wines you have or haven’t tried and you get to buy it via the app as well. Best part of the entire app we feel is that, delivery time is extremely efficient. The wines get delivered to you within the same day or the next day, no more hassle and just in time for dinner!

Epicurio is currently only available for Apple iOS devices. (Malaysia)

Ever had your sink choked and had to call up a ton of numbers just to get the best quotation for your home emergency? Well, you no longer have to waste precious time dialling up one handy-man at a time to ask for quotations with

With, it helps you save time when in search for a quotation. All you have to do is key in what you need, where you are located and just a few other filter options which would last no longer than a minute, hit the search button and wait! You will receive different sets of quotations from professionals sent to you within the next couple of hours. It is really that simple. is currently based only in Malaysia.


Echelon Asia Summit 2015 will run over a period of two-days, from the 23 to 24 June and is held at the Singapore Expo.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 24, 2015 5:25PM GMT+8


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