This Donut-Like Gadget Can Give You Better Skin

Beauty tech has just got way more cutting-edge with the new pocket-sized WayWearable device 

A brand new Korean start-up named WayWearable, has invented a revolutionary beauty tech gadget named Way that is set to change the way you care for your skin. You might be thinking what is so awesome about this new gadget since it is just ‘another one of those wearables that’s flooding the tech market.’ Well, this is not just another wearable but one of the first few dedicated beauty tech gadgets there are in the market.

Just about the size of a compact powder case (for reference, that’s about ¾ the size of the Apple’s iPhone 6), it fits easily into any purse or even pocket. Way is built with advanced sensors that gathers information about your skin and the environment and informs you about them via a Smartphone application. Simply place the gadget on your skin and let its sensors handle the rest.

Way is able to measure the exactly level of moisture below the surface of your skin, age-accelerating UV light and relative humidity. By combining data from its sensors, Way will be able to give you a comprehensive personal skincare advice, through the mobile application at every hour of the day.

It even has a friendly reminder feature whereby it will prompt you to apply moisturiser when the humidity level lowers and even recommends specific skincare products to suit your skin type. To top it all off, it can chart how well your skincare regimen is actually working over for you over time. Derma-cool huh?

Interested in getting your hands on Way? Well, it hasn’t exactly hit stores just yet and is expected to retail for US$149. However they are crowd-funding their device on Indiegogo, check them out here.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 25, 2015 5:20PM GMT+8


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