This Man Has a Third Myoelectric Arm On His Body

This Singapore invention caught our eye and interest at EmTech Asia’s TR35 Innovators presentation. A soft, robotic glove or Myoelectric Soft Robotic glove that assists people who have suffered injuries or stroke rehabilitate quicker and in greater comfort. Incredibly the team led by Raye Yeow from the National University of Singapore (NUS) even came up with a soft robotic arm that can spring into action as a person’s “third” arm as and when needed.

Hear what Raye the Lead Investigator on this project has to comment about technology in the future.

TS: Tell us what do you think the year 2030 will look like?

RY: In 2030 I will perceive normal humans can attach additional limbs onto themselves it can be human-like or non-human-like limbs that will help them do more challenging tasks.

Raye Chen-Hua Yeow, Lead Investigator from National University of Singapore

TS: What got you started on this project?

RY: I got started at Harvard for my post doctorate and picked up soft robotics, at that time this was emerging technology so when I begin to start my professorship at National University of Singapore (NUS) I got in depth into  how soft robotics can be used to improve the quality of care for an ageing population. I started thinking about this with a view to make it into a wearable piece so elderly ones or patients with physical needs can be facilitated to better do tasks.

TS: What would say will be the future for the Myoelectric Soft Robotic inventions?

RY: In the future, I expect all the technology to augment what humans can already do and enhance the way we do things so that we can perform them with better complexity.

Myoelectric Soft Robotic Glove helping a stroke patient

By Jason Tan / January 26, 2016 10:58PM GMT+8 Singapore

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