Touch And Play Music Virtually

Pulse is the ultimate musical instrument that musicians have but only dreamed about

Gain access to thousands of instruments from around the world at your fingertips from string to percussions with this device named Pulse. Created by UK-based Titan Reality, Pulse is a Virtual Reality (VR) instrument built with a state-of-the-art 3D sensor revolutionizing the way we now see and play musical instruments.

This in-built 3D sensor is so sensitive and fast, Pulse is able to mimic actual instruments like a harp, piano or drums without delay. It can sense and analyze movements, both on its surface and the air space above it. With this feature, you would be able to dampen percussions with a hand, pluck strings in the air or scratch vinyl - its possibilities are endless.

If what your instrument needs is more than just a tabbing or plucking of sting movements, this 3D sensor technology can also learn new gestures and movements when programmed accordingly.

Pulse also has its own musical instrument ‘store’ named Explore where you can download new instruments to play. Test out instruments ranging from regular trumpets, violins to rare and handmade instruments in the comfort of your home, for an affordable price – think a price drop from a few thousand dollars to maybe just twenty dollars, that’s what you call a steal!


Pulse is currently funding their campaign on Kickstarter, prices start at £750 (US$1,147) excluding shipping charges. 



By Geralyne Kaye / November 20, 2015 5:30PM GMT+8


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