Train Like A SEAthlete!

With the SEA Games fast approaching, it is about time to get off that couch and kick start a healthy lifestyle

Don’t get us wrong, Fitbit, Garmin and other wrist fitness trackers work perfectly and excel at what they do best. However, wrist trackers are so last year and honestly have started to get a little dull with its now run-of-the-mill features and designs. So we went out and scoured the web for the next big fitness tracker. To our surprise we found three that really caught our eye – maybe in time to come even take over the wrist monsters and fitness world by storm.


1. Say it with me, OM …

This is a black device no larger than the size of your hand, this little black box works by attaching itself on a customised compression t-shirt or singlet. If you are like us and hate the additional need to hold on to gadgets or having additional gadget in your way while clocking your run, this is the perfect fitness wearable. This measures your heart and breathing rate, calories, acts as a pedometer and even acts as a fitness tracker. All of which would be tracked by this device and reflects on a pre-downloaded app on your Smartphone. Small, portable and out of your way during training sessions is what we really love about this.

Retail Price: US$249, for a compression t-shirt and little black box


2. PUSH it

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 How about a wearable that literally measures how much force, power and velocity you put into each rep at the gym? This is PUSH, a one-of-a-kind wearable that allows you to track, optimise and scrutinize each and every workout session. In addition, you are able to set your workout goals on mobile app and PUSH will provide you with feedback on your movement and get more out of your workout. Elite athletes are already using it, why not you?

Retail Price: US$189


3. Not a shopping but exercise SPREE

Spree is a wearable sports headband created by frustrated fitness enthusiasts who want to train smarter but were tired of inaccurate readings from the myriad of fitness wearables available in the market. This could possibly be the only wearable with a whole convoy of exciting features in one device. These include, speed tracking, heart rate monitoring, real time GPS route mapping, body temperature tracking, advanced calorie counter, waterproof and music app compatibility.

If you are wondering why a headband? Well, according to Spree the answer is simple. The reading of your heartrate obtained by the forehead coupled with your body temperature, will give the user a more accurate calorie count during the workout.

Accurate readings during your workout = Smarter and more fruitful training sessions

Retail Price: US$199


So go on, get inspired by these cutting edge wearable technologies to move that butt off the couch and get fit. For summer is here and this can only mean one thing - Beach season. Do away with those muffin tops and make way for the abs lines!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 05, 2015 12:55PM GMT+8


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