Tuition to the Rescue!

Brilliant start-ups from across the region are here at Tech in Asia Singapore 2015 to flaunt their stuff

Parents, rejoice! We all know that it is a critical time now for your child as the midterms are just around the corner. At Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, we have discovered a brand new Singaporean start-up that is here to tuition your child while giving you detailed information on your child’s progress. For those who are not parents, well there are other start-ups like Nice and that will definitely tickle your fancy!



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An interactive app (only for Apple iOs) and web-based application that helps tutor your child from Singapore. Tutate’s main goal is to create a wholesome holistic experience for tutor, child and parent by tapping on the use of technology. Assignment books are bought, completed by the tutee and marked by an assigned tutor all through this app. MCQ and short answer questions are instantaneously marked while long answer questions are marked within a 24 hour window. In addition to that, parents are able to see the progress the child has made in a graph and the child will get reminders from the tutor regarding uncompleted assignments. Sadly, Tutate currently only has content that is focused on Singapore's education curriculum. However, do keep a look out for them as they are set to expand their operations and go global within the year.



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Nice is a 3-in-1 Chinese-based app combines Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! Although this is a Chinese-based start-up, it has really taken off as they now have users from around the world and not just from China. You might think that this looks exactly like Instagram, but here is where you are wrong – this is Instagram on massive steroids. With Nice, instead of only being able to tag people in the picture, you also tag a picture based on location, item, brand or even activity. With the tags, you are now able to search and connect with likeminded users with the Discover page. In addition, you are also able to chat with new friends or keep in contact with them through Nice making this a very interactive app. Nice is available on Android and Apple – So go on be nice, give Nice a try!


Take Me Tour

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Fancy a free and easy family vacation with the option of participating in tours? Well, if you are thinking of heading to Thailand, you are in luck. Thai-based start-up Take Me Tour engages screened and reliable local experts to take you around the country at a really reasonable price. This could be a half day or full day tour where you can experience Thailand like a local. From experiencing the local martial art of Thai Boxing at a traditional gym to visiting villages out of Bangkok, there is a specially curated tour for anyone!


About Tech in Asia Singapore 2015

If you have not heard of Tech in Asia, it is a tri-annual conference is held in Singapore, Japan and Indonesia which gathers the brightest minds and product-ready start-ups that were conceived in the region.

Start-ups featured here are seen or discovered at Tech in Asia Singapore 2015 (6th to 7th May).



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 6, 2015 4:30PM GMT+8


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