Two Faced? Black? NoPhone?

Cult Smartphones bring their game on.

While the Smartphone elites are preoccupied with fighting amongst themselves for the converted top spot, the cult specials are thriving. In this article we introduce three cult Smartphones that are slowly changing the way Smartphones are made. Namely the YotaPhone 2, Blackphone and NoPhone who each already have their own faithful following. So why settle for less when these cult specials address real world pains like battery deficiency, privacy and phone addiction better?

Here are the cult specials that will change the way you see Smartphones from now on.

1. The Two Faced Wonder Child; YotaPhone 2

Sometimes, being two faced might not be a bad thing!. Unlike any other in the market, this is a brilliant full touch, dual screened Smartphone designed to cater to every need while paying special attention to battery life.

Image Credit: YotaPhone 2

On the main face of YotaPhone 2, is the FULL HD 5.0” AMOLED display that most are accustomed to. For the butter fingers, rejoice! The screen is built using Corning Gorilla glass 3. Making the screen more resistant to damage and in case of a scratch occurring, better overall retained strength.

On the flip side is where YotaPhone 2 differs from the rest. It is equipped with a high resolution always-on 4.7” e-ink display. This e-ink display is similar to Amazon’s Paperwhite and only consumes battery when refreshed; making it extremely battery efficient. Allowing for reading documents even under bright sunlight without the annoying glare.

Smart Power Mode

The YotaPhone 2 is all about using the phone as and when you desire. As the problem of battery life has always plagued many Smartphones in the market, the Russian manufacturers have come up with an innovative solution named the Smart Power Mode to conserve battery life when most needed.

The Smart Power Mode prolongs the amount of battery life left by turning off the colour display. Functions of the phone will now be controlled on the always-on display, including answering and making of phone calls. You will no longer be caught in a situation when your battery dies ever again!

Dimensions: Standing at just 145mm by 69mm and weighing a mere 145g; perfect for one handed usage.

Specifications:LTE, NFC, Wifi, wireless charging, 32GB built-in memory, 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

The Good

  • The always-on screen. Reading on the go is now less straining on your eyes (even under direct sunlight) and checking of notifications uses only a minimal amount of battery.
  • Smart Power Mode. Help minimize battery usage when your battery is running low. It turns off the battery draining colour display and transfers the controls to the always-on screen.

The Bad

  • There is no expandable memory storage option.
  • As it is a relatively new product in the market, there are limited apps in the market that will fully utilize both screens.

For Who

  • Show offs – No other Smartphone will say LOOK AT ME more than a YotaPhone 2 especially with the special E-ink display that can display favourite pictures.
  • Avid readers – The E-ink screen really helps when all you want to do is just sit in a café and read without the glare or strain on your eyes.
  • Penny Pinchers – Why only use one side when you can have two sides to a Smartphone.


2. Even The Secret Service Might Approve Of This; Blackphone

The Blackphone is just like a gadget right out of a James Bond flick that protects all your personal data from all sorts of leaks and hackers. A product that is almost hack free, perfect for the paranoid conspiracy theorists and those conscious about personal data security. It operates on a modified Android system named PrivatOS that helps address all types of modern privacy concerns which makes this the perfect Blackberry alternative.

Image Credit: Blackphone

Designed to blend in with other Smartphones and built with a 4.7” HD screen, the Blackphone is legitly the new frontier for secured data and all types of classified information on the go.

Security At Its Best – Silent Suite

This Smartphone’s security level puts kill switches, firewalls and spy ware to shame because silent is this its middle name. Having your personal data protected never looked so good and with so much ease; even a five year old can operate this device.

This built-in suit allows for secure messages, contacts, voice and even VoIP calls. Information leaks or viruses will never be able to siphon information off your Smartphone ever again. In order to make secure calls, you will have to purchase talk time directly from Blackphone’s Smart World. Secure calls made with the Blackphone will also not be subjected to roaming charges in most countries.

Dimensions: Standing at 141mm by 69mm and weighing a mere 119g; it is easily one of the lightest Smartphones around. 

Specifications:LTE, 16GB built-in memory (expandable memory option available), Wifi, 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

The Good

  • The Silent Suite! (DUH) Secure data on the phone that can almost never be hacked into.
  • The appearance of the Blackphone looks like almost every other Smartphone in the market. Allowing it to blend in with the other mainstream Smartphones; stealth.
  • With Silent World, it eliminates roaming charges from almost everywhere in the world.

The Bad

  • The small battery capacity of 2000 mAh is a worry as it would only last half a day at most for most Smartphone users.
  • The Silent Suite is only free for use for a year before a subscription is needed.
  • Minimal apps available for download as it is not running on regular Android.

For Who

  • Blackberry Die-hards – It is time for a move on now. The era of Blackberry is so far gone, it is documented in history textbooks.
  • Politicians, Military personnel, Key financial players in the industry – Especially when keeping sensitive information safe is top priority.
  • Celebrities – Because personal raunchy pictures should stay personal and safely stored away; not splashed on the front page of a tabloid. 


3. For The Prankster And Addict; NoPhone

A truly futureproof phone, and with such an impeccable design the NoPhone is a no brainer. It is waterproof, drop resistant, fully wireless, thin and light – there is no other substitute to compare! 

Image Credit: NoPhone

The NoPhone started on Kickstarter to address the problem of Smartphone addiction. In particular the need to constantly have physical contact with your Smartphone. NoPhone was invented by a group of Americans who felt that real conversations and socializing skills have been lost since the introduction and over reliance on Smartphones became common place in society.

Dimensions: Standing at 140mm by 67mm and weighing a mere 100g; about the same weight as 2 snicker bars.

Specification: Information not available.

The Good

  • Futureproof
  • Waterproof
  • Real time selfie feature.
  • So light it is almost unbelievable
  • Perfect paperweight.

The Bad

  • NoPhone is not-a-phone.

For Who

  • April fool’s gift – For the best friend that loves nothing but a good prank.
  • Smartphone addicts – Say goodbye to withdrawal symptoms or separation anxieties with NoPhone constantly by your side and in your hand!


Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi may be the front runners in the industry, but if you fancy something that stands out from the crowd and a Smartphone that actually addresses some real world pains other than just having a faster processor or larger screen, you have to check these Smartphones out. Why go mainstream when you could go cult with something much cooler?


By Geralyne Kaye Ong / February 24, 2015 9:45AM GMT+8

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