Using Paper To Power Your Smartphone

A solar charger as thin as light as paper, a watch that becomes your personal trainer and a USB cable that is going to outlive all the other cables?

2015 has seen more impressive kickstarter projects that have been funded, with some proving to be exceptionally popular with the tech loving crowd. We handpick three of these which have managed to blow us away.


Zikto Walk

It is a wearable device that corrects your walking and posture so that you can suffer from less back pain and other health related problems. It seems that most of back pain is due to posture and walking positions, not by sports of how long one exercises. 

Zikto Walk also analyses your body balance, includes biometric authentication, tracks your activity and able to notify you when you have an sms or call from your smartphone. It improves your body by recommending certain exercises or steps to take when you adopt a certain posture, walk a certain way, or sleep a certain way. In this age, your personal trainer is your tech wearable.


Solar Paper by Yolk

Does your phone run out of battery in the middle of the day often, and you always have to bring a portable charger out? Tap into the sun, which is overhead every day and provide you with free energy! Up til now, solar chargers have been heavy, inefficient and bulky, discouraging people from really making use of the sun's energy for our daily technology needs. Now, with Solar Paper, you can bring it everywhere you go as it is around the size of a small notebook, wafer-thin and weighing just 4 oz. It is the world's thinnest and lightest portable solar charger.

Not only that, it provides a watt-for-watt charging efficiency, meaning that the voltage it produces is the same as a wall charger. How cool is that? If you want to charge a tablet instead of a phone or camera, you can add panels by simply clicking in the magnetic solar connections and thus increasing the total voltage. Something that is unheard of in the solar charging industry is the auto reset function, which Solar Paper have managed to include. The auto reset function automatically returns power to the device that is charging after a cloud has passed that blocked the sun, whereas in other solar chargers, this function has to be manually reset. Furthermore, the Solar Paper does look like a piece of black paper and a sleek and useful one at that!


MicFlip USB Cable

We all need usb cables to charge our smartphones, GoPros, and other everyday electrical items. However, the cables are flimsy, easily broken, and we find it difficult to connect to the gadget at times, leading to frustration. MicFlip has come up with a useful alternative, and there is no other cable like it in the world right now. It is fully reversible, so you can plug it in any way you wishno matter which way your turn it, leading to absolute connectivity always. The cable is also covered with ultra-strong and flexible braided nylon lead, a robust aluminium shell, and gold plated plugs to prevent corrosion to ensure it will outlast all the other bland and boring USB cables. We are hereby naming the MicFlip cable as the king of the usb cable.



By Chan Shu Hui / August 19, 2015 5:10PM GMT+8


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