We Want To Live On A Floating City, Would You?

This crazy yet marvellous architectural feat will ignite your lust for living out at sea

Measuring 900m long and 500m wide is the futuristic floating metropolis named, The City of Meriens which can accommodate up to 7000 passengers. The design was conceived by renowned avant-garde French architect, Jacques Rougerie whose earlier work include Sea Orbiter and this is his latest architecture project. Rougerie is well known for his futuristic architecture designs focused around biomimetic architecture.

The design of his City of Meriens was inspired by giant floating Manta Rays. Rougerie envisions the floating city to be an international university city where researchers, professors and students live together. Inside the city, there will be lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, living quarters and dedicated areas for leisure activities.

More importantly, the City of Meriens will be completely sustainable, autonomous, run on renewable energy and produce no waste.

We are more than just excited to see this architectural feat come to life. How about you? Would you want to live on The City of Meriens?



By Geralyne Kaye / October 16, 2015 15:50PM GMT+8 Singapore


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