What Apps Does Romeo Have In His Phone?

His past-time is using cool apps to take good photos!

Of course being under the spotlight so frequently as a local celebrity, it is natural for Romeo Tan to have an eye for beautiful photos. Having graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic, Romeo came in fourth at “Star Search 2010”, a regional talent contest organised by MediaCorp. Since then, he has acted in local dramas like “Unriddle 2” and “Joys Of Life”. As we found out, his smartphone is an essential part of his life.

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Tell us what are your favourite gadgets that you can’t leave home without.

Definitely, it will be my mobile phone. Other than making calls and messaging, I depend a lot on my phone, especially when I'm on the move. I use my mobile as navigation on the road to check ETA and traffic conditions.

Mirrorless camera. I love taking pictures on the go and I have high expectations when it comes to photography. Therefore, a compact-sized camera with professional settings will be ideal for me to capture every great shot.

Earphones with bluetooth function. Music can be a great source of motivation. I listen to music from my mobile and I prefer to keep it wireless.


Have you received a gadget from friends or family that is your favourite?

My friends know that I like taking pictures and they gave me a wireless lens which works together with my phone to act as a view-finder. It's small and connects through wifi therefore I can place the lens anywhere and capture a photo by clicking on my phone.


What is the 1 mobile app that you cannot do without to help you ace your acting, hosting gigs?

YouTube app! It's the fastest and easiest way to do research when I'm preparing for a new role.


Tell us 2 apps your fans should know about to take that perfect photo, selfie or video?

PhotoGrid - This app allows you to easily create montages, scrapbook-style images and videos, as well as all kinds of fonts that are available for you to download.

Animoto - This app creates beautiful video clips. It is quite similar to the Windows movie-maker or iMovie. This is best for those who want to create a quick and easy slide show video presentation.


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By Chan Shu Hui / June 24, 2015 9:35AM GMT+8


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