What happens when 5 A-Team women come together?

Galboss Asia, a new collaborative movement started by Sabrina Tan, Andrea De Cruz, Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Velda Tan and Tan Yen Yen. These five women who are successful leaders in their respective fields, intend for Galboss to be a nexus of mentors, resources and guidance for female entrepreneurs on their journey.

Tech Storm had the opportunity to have an interview with these women and we were joined by Shannon Kalayanamitr from Orami, who will be one of the panellists at the Galboss Asia symposium to be held on the 21 st of July at the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Galboss founders (from left to right) Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Velda Tan, Tan Yen Yen, Sabrina Tan and Andrea De Cruz

Tech Storm: What was the idea behind the creation of Galboss?

Melissa Lwee-Ramsay: “We see Galboss as the start of a collaborative movement in Asia for like-minded women entrepreneurs, business leaders and aspirers to come together and network

“We want to bring certainty and clarity to by providing mentorship to new entrepreneurs who aren’t sure of important factors such as, what sort of funding or grants are available to them, legal issues, staffing matters and much more.”

Sabrina Tan: “People ask us, why Galboss and not Girl boss or lady boss?” “We chose Galboss because the A stands for several important things. Asia, ambition, achievements and adventure. We want Galboss to be the force behind empowering game changers of the future.”

Velda Tan: “Galboss is a platform for female entrepreneurs to come together and form a community to have dialogue and to help each other overcome business challenges.”

Shannon Kalayanamitr: “There is nothing like Galboss in all of Asia at the moment and we hope that this movement will help women from all over Asia to make that step to becoming their own boss, a Galboss.”

Tech Storm: What habits helped to make you successful?

Tan Yen Yen: “The ability to execute.” Execution is just as important as being a visionary.” “Women have many strengths but, can sometimes struggle with execution of their ideas and I feel that this is a critical skill which has contributed greatly to my success.”

Melissa Lwee-Ramsay: “ Definitely multi-tasking. I am a mumpreneur and there are times where I would be pacifying one child with one hand and having a phone call at the same time.”

Tech Storm : What is the one piece of advice you would give for other female entrepreneurs?

Tan Yen Yen: “Don’t blink.”

Andrea De Cruz: “Stand on your own two feet.”

Melissa Lwee-Ramsay: “Be bold, be daring, be confident. Don’t be afraid or intimidated and push for it.”

Tech Storm : What changes does Galboss Asia want to see for females in entrepreneurship?

Andrea De Cruz: “I definitely want to see more females in leadership positions. Women can be strong leaders and it would be good to see more women business leaders.”

Shannon Kalayanamitr: “For more women to join the technology industry and to be great at it.”

Tech Storm: Thank you all for your time and your insight.

By Nicholas Ho / 3 June, 2016 1300 GMT+8 Singapore

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