When Smart Tech Goes …Woofing Good

Pets lovers know just how much our animal companions become a big part of our lives and community. They greet us enthusiastically when we get home from work, stare at us when we eat, and intelligent enough to manipulate us into feeding them or showing them more TLC (tender loving care).

It was inevitable before technology would begin to change the way we interact with our pets, the way our pets eat and even ways to engage them while we are out of the house to help prevent any potential issues that can arise from boredom. Many of us here at Tech Storm keep pets who have become a big part of our lives and we want to share some of the more exciting pet technology that can make a big difference in our pets lives.


The PlayDate device

PlayDate is a remote-controlled ball which allows you to play with your pet while you are away from your home. Co-founder and CEO, Kevin Li says “PlayDate isn’t just another dog toy, it’s a great new way for pet owners to communicate with their furry friends.”

PlayDate is Wi-Fi enabled and accessible from any smart device connected to the internet while an internal, high-definition camera allows your pet to see you and vice versa, allowing you to view and play with your pet from outside your home. This helps to keep your pet engaged and reduces stress and anxiety in your pet.

A dog getting ready to get his game on with 

Gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One are hugely popular all over the world as evidenced by the Playstation 4 having sold more than 40 million units worldwide. But, what if there was a gaming console for pets too?


While this idea may sound like something way out there, believe it or not, CleverPet is an ultra-durable games console designed for your pet with smart software built by animal lovers with PhDs in neuroscience. CleverPet is meant to engage and exercise your dog’s mind with customisable puzzles that involve sound, lights and touch and comes with a companion app that allows you to track your pets engagement rate and other statistics.

One such puzzle is called catch the squirrel where the lights dart from pad to pad in an increasing speed. If your dog successfully catches the “squirrel” by tapping a lit pad, the console will dispense a treat.


The pet collar has remained unchanged for a really long time and that is why Kyon has created a smart collar for your pet. Kyon claims that its smart collar will be able to tell if your pet feels hot or cold, inform you about your pet’s mood and even stopping your dog while its barking.

Image credit: Kyon

Kyon is a durable collar that is meant to work exactly like a regular collar except, that it connects with your phone by either WiFi or, the regular cellular network. The collar also has a pixel text display that will inform you about how your pet is feeling, whether it is hot or cold and precise pet tracking technology that will let you know whether your furry companion is above or below you.


Some of us love pets so much that we cannot simply have just one. No, one won’t do at all. We have to keep several pets and we have to love them all.

When it comes to food however, no matter how much your pets get along, all bets are off and it can be a challenge to stop your pets from pinching food from each other.

A cat accessing sureFEED

This is where sureFEED comes in. The device works by recognizing your pets chip, or a lightweight RFID collar tag that will only open to that pet. It can help to prevent food theft and manage the amount of food your pet eats to prevent overeating.

By Nicholas Ho / 23 June, 2016 00:00AM GMT+8 Singapore

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