When Your Personal Fitness Trainer Is An A.I.

This is as close as it can get. Sony unveils the Smart B-Trainer which talks to you while you clock that run, and is the answer to all your fitness wearable needs.

This gadget is not just your conventional wrist fitness wearable that only measures your heartbeat and steps you have walked in a day. Sony has gone many steps further and created an all-in-one, neckband-style, training device that motivates you while accurately recording your run. Meet the all new and hot off the shelves, Smart B-Trainer from Sony.

Designed By Runners for Runners

No one understands how annoying it is to be carrying so wearing so many devices when out for a run, other than runners themselves. The Smart B-Trainer is specially designed with the runner in mind, whether you are just a casual runner to those training for ultra-marathons. Expect this lightweight device to accurately measure just about everything pertinent for a run while doing away with those annoying cable-y devices, uncomfortable chest straps and insole measuring devices in a bid to accurately measure your run.


Measures Just About Everything and In Any Weather

The Smart B-trainer is packed with six types of sensors, namely heart rate, acceleration, GPS, compass, gyro and barometer. This means that this one device alone is able to measure your heart rate, burned calories, distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps taken, stride, track your running route and even elevation. With all the accurate measurements that this Smart B-Trainer tracks, it allows you to make smarter training decisions without the hassle.

Even with our tropical and unpredictable climate here in Asia where one minute it is gloriously sunny and the next it is raining, the Smart B-Trainer is equipped with a waterproof feature. So no more excuses for you not to clock your run when it starts to drizzle or when caught in a sudden downpour.


Your Very Own Personal Trainer with Music

Instead of constantly looking at your GPS sport watch or your Smartphone, the Smart B-trainer talks you through your workout. It tells you exactly how you are running be it your running speed, distance covered and whether you need to get a move on or slow down as you clock your run.

In addition, the Smart B-Trainer is also a 16GB MP3 player that will automatically select music for efficient training based on your current heart rate. This is all based on a preset user profile and heart rate goal that you would separately set for yourself on Smart B-Trainer’s Smartphone application. What this means is that when your heart rate is higher than your targeted speed, a song with slower tempo will be automatically selected to guide you to slow down your pace and vice versa. However, it is now all lost. You still have ultimate control over the music selections and able to adjust the music to match your mood during that particular run!


Every Smart Device Has an Application

The Smart B-Trainer for Running is a mobile application that enables you to manage your running logs. It also provides a selection of specific training plans, so you can choose one that would fit your running goals whether it is to get in shape, build stamina or to prepare you for that marathon, the app has got a training plan for everyone.


Our Two Cents Worth

This is a really nifty gadget especially if you are like us and hate to hold onto or wearing additional items during a run. No cables, additional unnecessary weight and it even works as a MP3 player. However, with all that has been said we are going to put the Smart B-Trainer to the test and see if it really works as awesomely as it sounds. So stay tuned for our post-Smart-B-Trainer article within the next couple of weeks, in the mean time if you are looking out for wearables read more here.


Sony’s Smart B-Trainer is now available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and seleted Sony authorised dealers in Singapore. It is available in five distinct colours (yellow, white, blue, pink and black) and retails for SG$399.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 11, 2015 7:05PM GMT+8


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Designed to fit almost any head shape or size.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer is a fitness wearable specifically designed for running enthusiasts.

This all-in-one fitness wearable and weighs only 43g.

Never miss a running session ever again with Smart B-Trainer's waterproof feature.

Yellow is Smart B-Trainer's hero colour.