Young And Dangerous

Capturing your attention with his voice is singer, Miguel Antonio

If you were lucky enough to be born with it, then you have got to flaunt it. Meet the really young (15-year-old) and talented now-Singaporean singer, Miguel Antonio.

At first, Antonio’s family did not know of his talent until he came in tops at a singing competition organised by his primary school in 2010. After which, a family friend posted a YouTube video of him singing on Facebook and as they say it, the rest was history.

His name may be familiar to some as he had participated and won the cross-continental talent search show ‘Born To Sing’ in 2011. The show is by renowned music producer and songwriter, David Foster’s search for the next musical sensation. Later Antonio was hand-picked by Foster following his win, to perform at the “David Foster & Friends’ concert in Singapore.

We catch up with the budding singer on what has been keeping him busy and get the inside scoop on his take on tech.


TS: Share with us what has been keeping you busy now that school is out?

MA: School just ended so now I have more time to focus on my music. I have many upcoming gigs ahead in the next few months which would really be exciting.


TS: What are your two favourite gadgets that you cannot live without?

MA: That would most definitely be my Apple MacBook Pro and iPhone :)

TS: How active are you on social media and which is your social media of choice?

MA: Yes. I use Instagram to update my fans on things I do and to connect with them.


TS: Do you have a secret mobile application that helps you ace your music gigs?

MA: Guitar tuna, it’s an amazing app that helps me tune my guitar! With it, I don't have to buy other external tuners.


TS: Do you have any photo editing mobile applications to recommend your fans?

MA: I feel like the two best applications are Photo Wonder and Beauty Plus.

TS: Hypothetically, if you’re stranded on a remote island what would you miss most?

MA: I’d miss my family the most especially if I’m alone.


TS: If you’re a genius inventor, what would is the one invention you would create for yourself?

MA: A teleporter. I have always wanted to be in 2 different places at once or be at a certain place in an instant.


TS: So, what Smartphone and mobile applications do you use?

MA: It is an Apple iPhone 5 and it has been with me for 3 years now!


Catch him singing the blues here.



By Geralyne Kaye / October 29, 2015 3:47PM GMT+8


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