YouTube FanFest 2015 Is Back!

This year 34 YouTube stars gather in Singapore to kick off YouTube FanFest Singapore

YouTube is now more than just a platform for ridiculous viral videos that you and your group of buddies giggle about over and over again - cause ain’t nobody got time for that!

This year, FanFest is not just about attending a weekend of performances and rubbing shoulders with YouTube stars. This year there will be fireside chats with the stars, meet and greet sessions and even educational workshops to on how to produce an awesome YouTube video. 

The line-up of FanFest includes 34 international and region YouTube stars, the biggest number of stars that any FanFest has ever managed to gather. Big internationally renowned YouTubers like Kurt Hugo Schneider, Macy Kate, The Fung Brothers and Wong Fu Productions are just some of the international artists that have been lined up for FanFest in Singapore this year. Representing home turf and Asia in the mix include All India Bakchod, Bubzbeauty, JinngBoyTV, Munah & Hirzi and Wah!Banana.

Catch the YouTube FanFest in Singapore on 22-24 May at *SCAPE. Prices for a 3-day pass to YouTube Fanfest 2015 is priced at S$155, while a single day pass is priced at S$78. Grab your passes here

Jakarta Beatbox (Indonesia) - Beatbox is what they do best and are set to tear the roof down with their sick beats.

Munah & Hirzi (Singapore) - Parody is in their blood, they are the duo most famous for their version of 'Nikki Minaj's Anaconda'.

Wah!Banana (Singapore) - Lifestyle videos that will definitely tickle your funny bone.

Group Shot! Well, half a group shot that is.

The Fung Brothers (US) - From the US, but all so Asian inside!

Wong Fu Productions - Is there really a need to know what they do on YouTube? Look at that face.

Timothy DeLaGhetto (US) - Who ever said an American-Chinese can't be ghetto.

From left to right: Naomi Neo (Singapore), Tiffany Alvord (US) and Kurt Hugo Schneider (US)

Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Productions answering a question during a Q&A session.

A full group shot of the YouTube stars who will be performing at FanFest Singapore 2015.