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Browse Facebook Even In The Deep Amazon Forest!

Do you want to call your friends even in the Himalayas?

Now you can, with the
Iridium Go! We went for the Communic Asia 2015 exhibition and conference event, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore today. It is held in conjunction with Broadcast Asia and Enterprise IT events, which spans 4 full days and 4 levels from 2 to 5 June. The event is pretty large scale, and many companies were showcasing their latest inventions and products. We had the pleasure to meet up with Joel Thompson, Bryan Hartin and Diane Hockenberry of Iridium at their booth, to discuss what is so great about the Iridium Go!.

Iridium Go! for phone connectivity anywhere around the globe

This is a small and portable device by
Iridium, a global satellite communications network which covers the entire planet, even the oceans, airways and polar regions. Iridium Go! lets you connect your smartphone to the satellite network so you can make calls, sms, browse Facebook, check GPS, share photos, and email anywhere in the world. For just around a 100 dollars a month (price not confirmed), you get an unlimited plan which entitles you to call anyone and use all the features of the Iridium Go!. Of course, you would need to buy the device first, at around 800 dollars.

From what we see, this is perfect for your camping, boating needs and all your adventures in the wild outdoors. You do not need to depend on wifi or a cellular network anymore to be connected to the ones your love back home. No more expensive roaming charges and even data sim cards. However, what Iridium Go! lacks now is a browser functionality, so you cannot surf normal webpages for now. To use this device, just power on and flip up its antenna, then download the 2 Iridium Go! apps from either the Google Play or Apple store, and you are ready to go! It is also rugged, meaning it can withstand rain and dust. With Iridium Go!, you no longer have a reason not to call your mom and tell her you are safe and well when you are climbing Mount Everest.



By Chan Shu Hui / June 3, 2015 4:40PM GMT+8


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