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Erin Lim: Celebrity Host x Adventure Buff

Girl geek taking over our screens on Tech Storm

For the latest installment
Storm Bytes an original production
by Tech Storm, we have celebrity host Erin Lim taking the reign. Her fresh face
might be a familiar sight to you as she has appeared on a few other regional
television channels. 

Despite only being 24, she
has quite literally travelled the world due to her diverse heritage and played
almost every sport available to mankind. A Los Angeles native but currently
based in Singapore, Erin is an avid documentarian and filmmaker where she has
both produced and directed documentaries that highlight social awareness.

Aside from the glints and
glamour of being a celebrity host, Erin Lim is a girl-geek, health buff and
photo capturing superhero at heart. For this interview we check in with Erin
regarding her take on technology and got her to fish out her crystal ball to
foresee where technology will be heading to in the next five years.


Let’s start off with a simple question, what does technology mean to

EL: Technology is the vehicle for information,
transformation, and entertainment. In many ways technology has improved the
lives of nearly everyone. To me, technology is a tool that helps the great big
universe feel smaller and easier to live in.

We are able to communicate and connect to those on
opposite ends of the earth, we are able to improve lives with its educational
and medical developments, and it’s a gateway to a really exciting world!


You sound very much like a closeted girl geek, do share with us what are
the 3 things you cannot live without.

EL: Cell phone, computer, and camera. I have to
communicate to my family back in California, need my computer to be productive
and put my creative projects in motion (such as typing this), and I absolutely love
taking pictures. Capturing moments and memories are what I live for.


Being a Smartphone user yourself, what are your favourite apps?

EL: Instagram (duh), gothere.sg and myfitness pal

In an age where everyone is a heavy Smartphone user, have you ever gone
on a Smartphone deprivation? Do you think you can go back to living without it?

EL: At times I do feel deprived if my phone dies on
me and I don’t have the ability to charge it if I am out and about. I was once
in Ghana and I didn’t have a smartphone or internet for two weeks. It was
shocking and somewhat difficult at first. But after a few days it was

Being disconnected sometimes is peaceful. It allows
you to connect to yourself and enjoy life around you. I don’t think I could go
back to living without it. Technology has become the shadow of my being; I mean
that in the best way.


After having interviewed the founder of Playmoolah, Audrey Tan, have
your thoughts about female entrepreneurs changed after the interview?

EL: My thoughts of female entrepreneurs remains the
same before and after interviewing them. I watch on television and read about
leading females who have impacted our world with their innovations and
research, and my belief is that so long as women continue to motivate and
empower each other, we can continue to make strides in the world alongside
males who are no longer solely responsible for the advancements around us. I
surround myself with women who believe in themselves and their ideas. I look up
to the women who have the courage to go toe-to-toe with the boys – Audrey and
Bi Ying (from Playmoolah) were great examples of women who challenge the
question of ‘what can women do?’ and execute goals in an impactful way.


If you had a billion dollars, what would you change in the current technology

EL: If I had a billion dollars to change the
technology landscape I would strive to make enhancements in the health and
fitness world. I believe that technology that can improve our wellbeing is
worth investing in.

Things like fitness trackers, fitness app, food
apps, health monitors or smart watches that enables us to know exactly how our
body functions and what goes into the body. The only physical body we will ever
have in this lifetime is the single most important health cause, and
technological advancements that educate and heal are what I believe in.


If you were a fortune teller and had a magical crystal ball, where do
you see technology heading towards within the next five years?

EL: Technology is moving so fast, it is at a pace
that we can barely keep up with. In five years there will be 17 generations of
iPhone’s, new gaming consoles with 4D, complete smart homes and more smart
cars. The world will be smarter and with that, smaller.

here to watch Erin in action
on Storm Bytes, a mini-series commissioned by Tech Storm!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / March 05, 2015 9.45AM GMT+8


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