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Haze Be Gone!

Our top two best of the best picks, to help you and your family combat this haze-y situation

The annual haze that affects parts of Southeast Asia is back with a vengeance this year, with Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings hitting the unhealthy range daily. Citing
official reports, the haze may last till November, due partly to the dry spell caused by a climate cycle, known as the El Nino effect. 

In a bid to keep haze linked illnesses like coughing or breathing difficulties at bay, many have taken matters into their own hands by purchasing masks and home air purifiers. But with the diverse range of air purifiers available, which one has more feature and is actually better than the other? Here’s our top two air purifier picks that will help you and your family combat the haze season.


Sharp – FP-FM40E-B

Sharp has been known for their reliable and technology advanced air purifiers. Its latest model, the FP-FM40E-B is designed to serve you not only during the haze season, but also during the monsoon months. 

This isn’t your regular air purifier, in fact it has three distinctive features. With its well known Plasmacluster technology it rids the air of harmful mold, bacteria, odours and viruses, it has a air purifying system that efficiently removes dust, PM 2.5 particles and allergens and is the first in the world to also come with a mosquito catcher for the monsoon months that dengue mosquitoes fly rampant.

To further combat the haze, this model has a specially designed ‘Haze Mode’ only for the Singapore and Malaysian market. This mode specifically removes the harmful fine particles that are in the air during the haze.

Simply put, the Haze Mode does this by optimising the intensity of the air flowing through the air purifier. This increase in airflow will also increase the density of Plasmacluster ions dispersed into the air, which will reduces static electricity, making it easier to capture the haze particles.

Filter type and life span:
HEPA filter / Up to 2 years

Effective range:
30 metre square

Sharp’s FP-FM40E-B, comes in Black and is available now for US$323 (SG$459).


LG – LD136FSD0

This little box doesn’t only purify the air we breathe but, dehumidifies it and helps you dry your laundry quicker. While Sharp’s FP-FM40E-B focuses more on air purifying and mosquito catching, the LG LD136FSD0 focuses on air purifying and dehumidification of the air with the added laundry drying feature.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that humidity in the air affects most of us in many ways. Take for an example mold will start creeping its way into your closet or furniture. The LG LD136FSD0 looks to eradicate that problem.

It operates in four modes, namely Auto Dehumidifying mode which cleans and dehumidifies the air and keeps humidity in check, Air Purifying mode only cleans the air and rids it of harmful allergens perfect for drier months, Laundry Dry and Shoe Dry modes are as its name suggests, helps dry your wet laundry.

Filter type and life span:
Pre Filter 3M Multi Protection / Cleaned monthly and can last up to six months

Effective range:
Unavailable at time of publication

LG’s LD136FSD0, comes in White and is available now for US$421 (SG$599).


That being said, these air purifiers are but an aid to coping with any bad air situation and will not work as efficiently if windows and doors are not closed properly. 



By Geralyne Kaye / October 7, 2015 17:45PM
GMT+8 Singapore


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