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Here Only the Good Stuff

Here is Doppler Lab’s latest
Kickstarter funded gadget, that allows you to choose what, when and how you
want to hear

Labs is changing the way we hear things or rather not hear sounds, one in-ear
plug at a time. Meet Here, technologically advanced in-ear plugs, which cancels
the sounds you hear around you with the help of a simple mobile application. Essentially,
Here is a pair of in-ear plugs that helps you protect your sense of hearing by
lowering the volume of surrounding sounds – When you need them most without
neglecting comfort nor style. 

these are not earphones that allow you to listen to music played on your
Smartphone. Here is in-built with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that allows
you to control the volume, equalizer and effects of the sounds around you. Hence,
the in-ear plugs. It is a completely wireless system that connects to your
Smartphone via Bluetooth and has a six hour battery life.

about this. Every annoying noisy situation that you might have to go through
can be silenced with a pair of these. While that baby is screaming over your
shoulder on your red-eye flight or if your neighbour’s throwing an EDM house
party, just plug these into your ears and you could be zoning out in your very
own little serenity bubble. #win


what can you do with Here besides its noise cancelling feature? Well you get live
music equalizer, sound effects and pre-set sound cancelling modes (yes baby
crying is a pre-set mode here), with Here’s companion mobile application.

live music equalizer function allows you to be your own DJ! Crank up or tune
down the bass, mids and treble to your fancy. Another feature worth a mention
is, the sound effect feature which allows you to augment the sounds you are currently
listening to. With this feature you get to echo your friend’s voice or add
additional bass boost to your favourite sound.


Here is still not up for sale for the time being but is said to be available this



Geralyne Kaye Ong / July 15, 2015 2:30PM GMT+8


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