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Hot Contenders to bag GOLD at SiTF Awards 2016

esteemed SiTF (Singapore infocomm Technology federation) awards, inaugurated in
2009 by the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation(SiTF), is always hotly
contested with highly successful startup winners from past years such as
“ShopBack”, “Smart Walkie Talkie” and more.

year will prove no different with the competition getting harder each year. What
is different this year is Tech Storm is the running in the Grand Finalist of
the category “Best Innovative Start-up (Early Stage)”, so it’s double
exhilaration for us.

SiTF awards seeks to recognize innovative applications and solutions developed
within Singapore. Judges are carefully selected distinguished and successful
individuals from across many industries in Singapore such as the Housing and
Development Board, A*STAR, MediaCorp, Infocomm Development Authority of
Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

have put together the first of two listicles we believe to be the hottest
contenders for this year and will hopefully also provide some insight into the
SiTF awards.

Aly Pte Ltd

Product: Spiking

is an app that tracks stock moves made by experienced and sophisticated
investors including blue whales and millionaires. The information is
consolidated from the information published on the Singapore Exchange and
pushed to mobile devices in an easy to read, social media like format.

The Spiking Team with CEO and Founder Clemen
Chiang, in the centre

information can then be used by investors to make informed decisions on trades
and made aware of unexplained spikes in market activity.

asked about what spiking can do for people who are interested about investing,
Founder and CEO Clemen Chiang had this to say “Spiking seeks to
democratize the stock market by arming investors with trading information of
verified Blue Whales, Millionaires, and Billionaires. Spiking eradicates
barriers to intelligence gathering due to weak social connections or limited
access to news from corporate boardrooms.”

Why do we think they
could win

seeks to help people make more money, educate themselves about investments and
makes investing as accessible as possible and demystifying investment as a

Early Coders (Fast Technologies

Product: Early Coder

Coders is a school which seeks to teach children how to code from an early age
with their proprietary learning software.

Example of the software in action

The lessons are conducted at the Singapore Management
University or, through content workshops online where instructors can remotely
review the student’s code and track their progress.

Ian Lam

Ian Lam says that “Early Coders Academy develops world class programmers
through our unique learning style. Through pairing the best teachers with
technology, our students are able to learn programming preparing them for an
uncertain and volatile world.”

Why we
think they could win

We live in the digital age and having children develop and
learning how to code will help to set them up for success in the future.

Pte Ltd

SoundEye ARK

ARK is an intelligent device able to detect abnormal sounds
such as screaming, a baby crying and even someone yelling for help. Comprised
of a motion sensor and camera, ARK is a simple and effective solution to get
help to your cared ones at home in the event of an emergency.

ARK does not require anything to be worn by a
person and will alert you upon detection of any unusual activity. Designed to
be affordable and having incorporated features requested by early adopters, ARK
seeks to provide users with a peace of mind. Mr Tan Yeow Kee’s advice to anyone
is to “Get out there and do it”.


Founder of
ARK, Tan Yeow Kee

Why we think they could win

Home security is something that should never be
taken for granted and having an affordable device that can help alert us should
something happen can be a valuable device to have. The device will also fit in
nicely with other smart home devices.

out more about the former Chairwoman behind SiTF Awards 
Shirley Wong’s 3 Tips for Startups.

Nicholas Ho / 30 September, 2016 16:00 GMT+8 Singapore

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