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International Rising Stars Make Their Debut at Founders Forum

event line up with amazing speakers

1 of the first ever Founders Forum to be held in Asia kicked off today in
Singapore, but to a relatively soft bang at Raffles Hotel’s Jubilee Hall. Over 200 founders, investors
and VIPs from technology giants across Asia, Europe and the US are gathered
in Singapore for the four day event that started on the evening of 20

the list of successful founders and other start-ups, four really stood out.
Ever heard of international start-ups like Easy Ring, Smappee, Third Space
Learning or how about Booktrack? Well if you haven’t it is not too late. Here
are just some reasons to why you should get to know them.


Easy Ring

had the problem of trying to finding your key card before tapping into class or
into office? Well, with Easy Ring that might just be a thing of the past. What
first started out just as a project to solve the daily pain of finding one’s
key card, has led its founders Edward Tiong and Olivia Seow from Singapore
University of Technology and Design to be on the fast track of a successful

Ring works exactly like a key card, except that it is on your finger. This
makes it more convenient to access classrooms, laboratories and even offices as
compared to a key card. With this same technology, Edward and Olivia are
looking at introducing the Easy Ring to the masses as an alternative means of
public transport fare payment.



is a Belgium based start-up that seeks to monitor your home energy usage via an
app in real time. This it is not like your run-off-the-mill energy monitor, it
is one that is also able to let you control your devices at the touch of your
fingertips. In short, Samppee integrates into your home as a Smarthome device
and since it is able to monitor your energy usage in real time, it doubles up as
a security device. Imagine when you are out on an overseas trip you are now
able to check if lights or electrical appliances that shouldn’t be turned on
are. Pretty awesome huh?


Third Space Learning

all know tuition is a pain, but what is even more painful is when you are
unable to find a dedicated qualified tutor to help your child with her
homework. So here’s where London-based Third Space Learning steps in. Third
Space Learning trains graduate teachers, provides and one-to-one teaching over
the Internet and tracks performances. This saves travel time, space and more
importantly makes it easier for the tutee to be able to gain access to proper



of us listen to music when reading our favourite novel, but ever heard of a
novel that has its own dedicated playlist? That is what the New Zealand based
start-up Booktrack is all about. With already 10,000 books in its library, it
wants to create an entirely immersive experience of having a selected list of
music play while you read your favourite novel. Imagine reading the Hobbit and
have accompaniment music playing in the background during fight scenes, now
that’s what we would call awesome!

can also detect how fast or slow you are reading and will adjust the music
playing accordingly. Currently, a partnership between Amazon and Booktrack is
in the works to have more eBooks sold with Booktracks. The most brilliant part
of it all is that it would only cost an additional couple of dollars!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / April 22, 2015 7:30PM GMT+8


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