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Look How This Gadget Gives You Time

Get to your intended destination without getting lost thanks to the ingenious SmartHalo

It will soon be easier to navigate your way around
the city or suburb with the SmartHalo. Along with its companion mobile
application, the SmartHalo is a device that will fit any bicycle’s handlebar
without being too flashy.

The SmartHalo helps you navigate around the city
with directional lights. Tell SmartHalo’s companion mobile application where
you would like to head to, hop on your bicycle and follow the turn-by-turn
directional lights to your intended destination. It is like a simplified GPS, without
all the maps and having to follow voice instructions that don’t necessarily
make sense (‘in 200 meters turn right,’ excuse me but what does 200 meters look



As the SmartHalo works on GPS, it is also able to
track metrics like time, distance, average speed, calories burned, elevation
and map. It is able to track your progress automatically once you start hitting
the pedals – so no more pesky start or stop buttons needed here.

All tracked data can be easily accessed via the
companion mobile application in the form of simple to read graphs and reports.
In addition to that, you are able to set personal goals based on distance, time
or calories and SmartHalo will give you up-to-date progress reports.

Added Security

It does not only help you navigate around the city,
but SmartHalo also has a security feature that keeps your bicycle where you
last left it and reminds you of where you parked it. We all know how expensive
bicycles can get now a days, and so do the good people who invented the

The alarm built into the SmartHalo deactivates once
it ‘recognizes’ its owner by pairing with your Smartphone. If the internal
motion sensor detects any unusual meddling with the bicycle, a loud alarm will
be triggered.

If you have accidentally triggered the alarm, you
can either key in your unique passcode to deactivate it or pair SmartHalo with
your Smartphone.



SmartHalo also has a built-in headlight. The
headlight is automatically activated and is 200 lumens bright – definitely be
able to see the road no matter how dark your environment is. Best part of it
all, it works with both Android and iOS devices.


And Price

Thinking about getting your hands on the SmartHalo?
Pre-orders are now open on their official site. The SmartHalo is priced at
US$119 (R.R.P US$149) excluding shipping and orders will be fulfilled in May



By Geralyne Kaye / November 3, 2015 9:25PM GMT+8


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