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Meet The Bicycle Of Our Future

The Gi FlyBike takes away the pain of regular urban cycling with some help from Smart technology

Oh, this is definitely pretty fly for a bike! Taking
in all the pains that urban cyclists face, the good people at Gi FlyBike have
reinvented and added some Smart technology into what seems like a regular

The inspiration for Gi FlyBike that originates from
Argentina, first came to its three inventors during a national strike that
crippled the entire public transportation structure – rendering a large portion
of its citizens without a means of transport to get home. They then wanted to create a viable option
for the masses to commute from point A to point B without the pains of regular

The Gi FlyBike is essentially a Smart, electric,
foldable, full 26” wheeled bicycle that requires little to no maintenance. It
is equipped with solid tires that require no pumping and which will never
puncture, coupled with a non-grease belt drive so no oiling either! It is relatively
light, weighing in at just 16.7kg (37lbs) the Gi FlyBike is easily foldable
with one slick handed lever lift.

Being an electric bike, it has a 3-speed electric
assistance technology that will help you when travelling up a slop. On a single
full charge the Gi FlyBike can travel up to 64km (40 miles).

How Smart Is The Gi FlyBike?

Think GPS, Smartphone charging and self-locking
features. With the Gi FlyBike comes a companion mobile application that gives
you access to a myriad of features. The application is able to tap on GPS
technology to show you which route is the most efficient for you to reach your
intended location.

On your way to work and your Smartphone is running
low on juice? The Gi FlyBike is capable of charging your Smartphone as you are
travelling to your intended location – like a car, but on two wheels and minus
the precious air conditioning system.

The fact is, expensive bicycles run a higher risk of
getting stolen. With that in mind, the inventors of Gi FlyBike have come up
with an automatic locking feature that will lock your Gi FlyBike when you are
out of range (4.5m/15 feet). Unlock it with the companion mobile application or
you can chose to give your friend a secret code to access your bicycle.

And Price

If you are thinking of getting your hands on the Gi
FlyBike, they are raising funds on
The Gi FlyBike is priced at US$2290 (including international shipping), orders
for the Gi FlyBike is expected to be fulfilled from June 2016 onward. 



By Geralyne Kaye /December 4, 2015 17:40PM
GMT+8 Singapore


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