Singapore, 11th November 2015: The rise of entrepreneurship globally is now matched with a truly global technology and entrepreneurship digital destination – Tech Storm. 

The Rise of Tech Storm

Entrepreneurship and development of consumer innovations, technologies and social media is an explosive growth not just here in Singapore but across the world. The lives of mass consumers is set for radical change in the next couple of years with advancement of Internet of Things (IoT), big data and high speed internet connectivity across the region.

Soft launched in December 2014 at Asia TV Forum & Market under Media Development Authority’s (MDA) Singapore Pavilion booth, Tech Storm is fast becoming an international digital destination that inspires global fans with digital lifestyle, innovation and incredible entrepreneurship stories. Having showcased more than 400 start-up companies, giving more than 110 Singapore innovations and their inventors a dedicated go-to media voice, Tech Storm has since established itself as the platform to connect technology loving fans with the latest and coolest tech infotainment and seed a new cluster of tech start-up ideas.

For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, Tech Storm is founded by two-time entrepreneur and media executive Debbie Lee, former co-founder of Kezaar, a skills sharing platform. She comes from an illustrious technology and media background of regional media companies and multi-national advertising agencies including DoubleClick, a former NASDAQ listed advertising technology (ad tech) company based in the US.

“Information technology services account for close to US$2 trillion dollars in Asia Pacific, with more than 1,000 technology start-ups and the rise of the unicorn companies right here in Singapore. We could not have hit the market at a better timing than this current moment. Globally we see 50 million start-ups birthed each year. What Asia and particularly Singapore entrepreneurs need most is a global voice and champion to amplify what they do and to bring Singapore innovations to the world stage. Singapore inventors are ready for global play and competition and we want to bridge them with 4.8 billion connected fans worldwide. That is our passion and our mission.” – Debbie Lee, Founder of Tech Storm.

The platform opened up a casting call to Asian entrepreneurs to share their technology start-up stories earlier this year where six talents will be handpicked and featured in Tech Storm’s original production titled Storm Bytes.

Latest Appointments at Tech Storm

Tech Storm is pleased to announce the appointment of Ki’ern Tan as the network’s in-house video host. Tan is no stranger in the tech editorial circles having over 10 years of experience in the field. He recently started dabbling in video production and photography. His latest exploration into the vast media landscape has led him into video presentation as a host on Tech Storm.

“I’m really excited to be a part of Tech Storm’s global ambition. The tech landscape is a vibrant, exciting and constantly evolving one. That’s what I love about it. You snooze, you lose. Thankfully, up and coming digital platforms like Tech Storm help bridge that gap by keeping tech fans up to date so no one gets left behind. " – Ki’ern Tan, Video Host of Tech Storm.

The company also announced the new appointments of three high profile advisory panel members that include Lim Swee Cheang, former CEO of the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore. Lim is a member of the Advisory Committees of Nanyang Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic, a member of the NSL Ltd’s (formally known as Natsteel Ltd) Corporate Research and Development Advisory Panel, as well as an appointed Director of the EZ-Link Board.

“Tech Storm is a game changer. It is the new digital melting pot for innovators to interact intimately with their consumers at every stage. Tech Storm is focusing on Smart Nation, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and Smart Living across the globe. The company has a crew of young and dynamic facilitators who are here to invigorate the tech industry.” – Lim Swee Cheang, Senior Advisor of Tech Storm. 

Other advisory panel members appointed include renowned Singapore business angel Ravindran Govindan, the Chairman of Mercatus Capital as Senior Strategic Advisor; and Kriti Kapoor, the Global Director of Social Care for Hewlett Packard based in San Francisco, USA as Digital Advisor. 

Future of Tech Storm 

Tech Storm aims to keep the lead in spawning new creative tech start-up ideas to life, from virtual to reality, and to enrich the quality of life for global tech loving fans by connecting them directly to the latest tech and start-up tips and infotainment. The platform is all about challenging the boundaries between bringing inspiring technology infotainment to fans across the world and creating a niche network as the global source for technology infotainment in the new digital era.

Fans can get their daily dose of tech stories, gadget and app reviews, and first hand entrepreneurship stories by tuning in to the Tech Storm online or if they prefer reading, Tech Storm’s magazine on-the-go at and other syndicated network partners like Yahoo!, SPH’s Asiaone, Malaysia’s EFY, Newstag, Dailymotion and Youtube. The network currently works with 19 industry partners that include Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) EmTech Asia.


About Tech Storm:

Tech Storm is set to be the world’s largest consumer media destination which inspires global tech loving fans with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship stories online, on mobile and via broadcast. Tech Storm brings professionally created international video and TV content, original productions and community videos from digital entertainers around the world. The platform is owned by TechTV Network Pte. Ltd. with its operating headquarters in Singapore. It is founded by a dynamic Singapore entrepreneurial team with deep domain expertise. For more information please visit

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