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TRINVI Sang Soerya NFT: Entertainment Utilities

Following the launch earlier in October, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) +62 Sails was met with extraordinary enthusiasm from collectors, creators, movie fans and even business leaders.

+62 Sails is the first NFT project launched by TRINVI by Transvision. The project is represented by a Chinese-boat NFT artwork, which symbolizes the journey taken by the ancestors of a well-known Indonesian businessman. The journey itself is chronicled through a mini series titled Sang Soerya, in which production of the first season is supported by the +62 Sails project.

TechStorm speaks to a representative of TRINVI about this unique collection!

Can you briefly introduce TRINVI and its vision?

TRINVI is a blockchain initiative launched by Transvision to support the transitioning of its business units onto the new era of decentralized digital economy. Empowering consumers to shape the industry (starting from the broadcasting) by utilizing TRINVI’s blockchain-based application, from Indonesia and out to the world.

How Does TRINVI work?

With TRINVI, content creators (be it prominent production houses or independent outfits) and project owners will be able to share their captivating ideas and find support from their audience or the general public. Owners and creators will have access to funding, while their supporters get to experience profit sharing from the movies, giveaways, access to IRL events such as meet and greets; and other perks that the TRINVI ecosystem has to offer. It’s Win-win!

Tell Us More About The Movie Aspect!

The First Project of TRINVI is to release NFT to crowdfund the production of Sang Soerya (10 Seasons, 12 Episode per season). Sang Soerya chronicles the life, spirit, and wisdom of a humanist, businessman, industrialist, and nationalist named William Soeryadjaya. In the 1st season, the movie is supported by young director “Harvan Agustriansyah”, Alim Sudio (nominated best script writer from 2 movies), Bio One (nominated best main cast) and a quality production team.

Watch the first teaser here!

This will be the first community-financed movie series; 10,062 unique NFT will be released from combination of 8 traits (landscape, weather, boat color, boat cargo, hull writing, time of day, accessories and icons).

Breaking it down: There are 68 variants and 4 types of cards: Super Rare (16), Rare (180), Premium (2,031) and Regular (7,835). Each combination of cards forms the benefit that can be redeemed or utilized by the holders: Benefactor, Elite Club, VIP Access and Unleash Roadmap

What are some of the owner benefits? Are the returns good for the users?

Each collector NFT and community will get different utilities based on their NFT Collection.:

This is the basic utility that works as a badge of involvement in the NFT Project and TRINVI Blockchain Ecosystem. Holders can enjoy various discounts in the Transvision Merchant Partner.

Small portion of profit sharing distributed to all VIP Access Utility holders. Chance to be a movie star and take part in the production and participate in exclusive In-Real Life (IRL) events online and offline. Meet and greet with the artist. These utilities will be the first benefit to be released. Holders’ involvement in the production will start at the end of this month.

Medium portion of profit sharing distributed to all Elite Access Utility holders. Exclusive benefits for holders seeking to expand their business network. Executive Dinner & Exclusive Networking. Private discourse with prominent industry experts.

This is the ultimate benefit of all the utilities. Largest portion of profit sharing distributed to all BenefactorUtility holders. Names shall appear in the movie series credit title. TRINVInity and Beyond: Invest – Watch – Earn

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