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Say Cheese with Podo!

riddance to the selfie stick era

Finally an ingenious invention to
replace all annoying selfie sticks everywhere, the Podo camera. Invented by
three University of Berkeley graduates that founded Podo labs, the Podo camera
is the one gadget to watch out for if you are an avid selfie taker, Instagram
addict or even just one who loves taking pictures and sometimes the selfie
stick just does not cut it. Simply stick Podo on anywhere you fancy, snap a
picture and share it with your friends, it is really that easy!

©Podo Labs. Reproduced for review only.

Smaller than the size of your palm, Podo
is an app controlled camera with a sticky situation. It allows you to take
pictures your way, as it does not restrict the picture to the length of your
arm or selfie stick. Podo connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and
controlling it is a breeze with an easy to use pre-installed app.

Its Spiderman capabilities come in the
form of a special mirco-suction pad, which allows Podo to be safely attached to
almost any surface for the perfect selfie again and again. If you realise that
Podo is not sticking well after a couple of uses, just give it a quick rinse to
get rid of the dirt, dry it and the micro-suction pad will be as good as new.

©Podo Labs. Reproduced for review only.

Podo has a 8MP camera for pictures,
takes videos at 720p at 30fps, has an 8 LED built-in flash, battery life of 600
mAh (which is approximately two hours of video recording time), 4GB of internal
storage and all this while weighing at only 51 grams. Being small and
lightweight it is able to fit any pocket or purse making it extremely portable.

We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but
sadly Podo is still not available for sale. Podo Labs are still raising funds
before Podo can be put on the production line.

Launch Date:
August 2015

Colours Available:
Red and blue (more
colours will be produced in the coming months)




By Geralyne Kaye Ong / March 26, 2015 2:05PM GMT+8


Disclaimer: The above images and trademarks are the sole and
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the purpose of fair criticism and review. 

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