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Serious Gamers Rejoice!

NVIDIA has unleashed the all new GTX 980Ti graphic card
built for avid gamers

The GTX 980Ti is going to huff and puff and
blow your mind away with its crazy specifications coupled with its G-Sync
capabilities fit for a prince (only because Titan X is still the reigning king).
Just over the last week, NVIDIA launched its newest addition to its GeForce arsenal,
the GTX 980Ti. Here’s an all-you-need-to-know guide about the GTX 980Ti and new
exciting G-Sync features.

All New GTX 980Ti

This is a graphic card built to be pushed
to its limits (this does not mean that the Titan X is really any less superior
– Read more about Titan X
here). With the
GTX 980Ti you are now able to go on DX 12 Games, enjoy games on amazing 4K
resolution and because it is just so powerful, it can support virtual reality
gaming without batting an eyelid.

So exactly how powerful is the 980Ti? It is
three times power powerful than its predecessor the GTX 680, equipped with 6GB
GDDR5, has a 384-bit interface and built with NVIDIA’s renowned Maxwell
Architecture. In short this means, clear images, better and faster refresh
rates. Take for an example when playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5, you are now
able to enjoy the game play at 61fps on the 980Ti as compared to 28fps on the
680. Even when put to the test, the 980Ti will not overheat thanks to its
in-built cooling system. In addition, you can expect an all-round seamless
silent gaming experience.

Aside from the serious hardware upgrades,
NVIDIA has included a new Conservative Raster feature, this gives you a better
game play as each pixel on an object in the game now gets a shade. This
translates to having picture perfect shadows without gaps, even when you zoom
in on a particular object.

Yes. All this power is real.


More with G-Sync

Let’s wind it up a notch – for those who
have absolutely no idea what G-Sync is all about. G-Sync synchronises your
display’s refresh rate to the GPU’s (Graphics Processing Unit) render rate, so
images appear on your screen the moment they are rendered. This eliminates
tearing and minimises display stutter and any input lags. Ergo game scenes
appear instantaneously, objects look sharper and above all, gives you a
seamless gaming experience.

With the new G-Sync capable devices, you
are able to use it in windowed mode and you can chose to turn off G-Sync. With
the windowed mode you are able to just programme G-Sync to be used on your gaming
screen while the rest of your Internet tabs or programs run regularly. G-Sync
is now not only available for gaming desktops but also its top-of-the-line
gaming laptops.

So if you are looking at investing in some
serious gaming aids but not want to break the bank, the GTX 980Ti might just be
the right thing for you. The GTX 980Ti is now available in Singapore for US$649 which is a relatively
attractive price especially with its amazing specifications if compared to
Titan X, which retails for a whooping US$999.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 04, 2015 15:30PM GMT+8


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