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Show Me The Money

Forgot your wallet? Just tap and pay with
mobile payment apps.

Ever felt lugging around a wallet full
of cash and credit cards troublesome? You are not alone! The worse thing that
can happen is when you lose your wallet, and you have to call up every bank
that you are on to cancel all the cards and issue replacement ones.

In the meantime, you will have to pay by
cash, or borrow money from your friends until you get the replacement card.
Today is the 21
st century, and life does not have to be this way

Mobile payment apps allow us use our
mobile phones to pay, contactless. That means neither
the app nor the store you are shopping at will gain any of your card
information, as everything is transmitted via a transaction-specific dynamic security
code. This makes it much safer than using traditional credit cards, where your
card number is exposed for the world to see.

can add as many credit or debit cards as you like in the app, and when the time
comes for you to pay, just wave your mobile phone over a compatible transaction
receiver and its done! Most of these apps will require a high-end phone like
the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy 6 for it to work, as it will need to be NFC
enabled so it can transmit transactions.

Here are some popular mobile payment apps with its pros and cons:


Singtel M Wallet

This app is the most useful if you live
in Singapore, as it is developed specifically for transactions in Singapore.
You can add your credit cards in it, wave it over a MasterCard PayPass reader,
and you are done with your purchase!


Convenient for people who live
in Singapore.

MasterCard PayPass readers are
everywhere in stores in Singapore, so you can use your phone to pay for
virtually anything.

Top up your EZ-Link and Singtel
Prepard Mobile Hi! Card.

Remit money to loved ones


You will need to sign up for a
DBS One.Tap MasterCard first before you are able to pay with your phone at
stores accepting MasterCard PayPass.

NFC-certified phones plus a
Singtel NFC Sim Card will be needed for MasterCard PayPass store transactions
to work.



This is an app based in Singapore that
allows you to pay with your phone at over 20,000 locations island-wide, with no
admin fee.


Many popular businesses you can
pay with this app, like 7-Eleven, Watsons, Food Republic and Comfort Delgro and
SMRT Taxis.

You just need to sign up for a
Dash account, top up your account with your bank balance, tap on “Pay
Business”, enter the counter code and account you want to pay them and you are

There are always Dash exclusive


The number of businesses you
can pay through Dash is rather limited.


Loop Pay

This one is quite interesting, as you
can use it to pay virtually anywhere in the world that accepts a magnetic
stripe card. Imagine just waving the Loop Pay device over a normal credit card
reader, press a button, and you can make your payment using any of your cards
stored in your Loop Pay device.


Able to be used anywhere in the
world with a magnetic card reader, not limited to just stores with the assigned

You can also buy a Loop Pay
phone case that has the device in it, so you literally only need to bring your
phone out, no wallet needed!

Store your gift cards too, not
only your credit cards.


Why must all the cool and
useful inventions be only available in the US at the moment?


Apple Pay

Launched in 2014 amidst great
anticipation, Apple Pay is created by Apple to allow for easy and fast
transactions with its devices.


Use in iPhone, Apple Watch and

No need to open app to pay;
just hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID.

Fast way to pay for in-house
Apple apps.


Only able to pay at stores with
an Apple Pay enabled reader, does not work with normal credit card reader.

Only available in US and UK at
the moment.

Compatible only with Apple
devices, and selected ones.


Google Wallet

As Apple has its own payment gateway,
Google, a tech giant, will also need to have its own too.


Fast payment at many online
retailers using “Pay by Google” and Google Play Store Apps.

Works with any Credit or Debit

Send money to anyone in the US
with a Gmail address.

Use the Google Wallet Card to
pay at stores or withdraw money from the Wallet at ATMs across the US.


Only available in the US.

Only compatible with Android

Only NFC enabled phones are
able to pay at stores.

Though mobile payment apps are convenient, they have still a long
way to go in terms of usability and wide spread compatibility.



By Chan Shu Hui / November 30, 2015 17:10PM GMT+8


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