Airfrov, launched in Jan2015 is a Singapore-based peer to peer marketplace matching Travellers to fulfill the demand for an overseas product by commoditizing a traveller extra capacity. A requester just has to post the desired item and the 'willing to pay price' for the item. After that, a traveller will then pick it up from overseas and deliver it back to Singapore. Airfrov provides escrow and customer services to help handle any dispute and to bridge the trust issues. On addition, airfrov also handpick travellers who have completed deals before to become 'Verified Travellers'. These 'Verified Travellers' have their personal ID, contact and bank details verified. They are educated by airfrov and are committed to providing the best service. The benefits of a requester to use airfrov includes the savings on shipping cost as well as obtain in-store purchases. Hence the ability to "Acquire anything, anywhere". For a traveller, he or she can also get to earn extra tips from Tax Refund and overseas trips. Thus "Post your trips and earn tips".