LunchClick is made for serious daters and singles who are looking to find love. Our key features include manual profile approval to screen all applicants, one match per day system that appeals to serious daters, not men looking to play "the numbers game”, and NRIC verification with Singapore's Social Development Network to ensure users aren't married. LunchClick is proven to be effective. Look at the existing dating apps in the market: out of every ten "Likes" that you get, how many translate into real-life dates? Most online conversations die off after a few messages, and it's not just frustrating, but also demoralising. You invest all these hours into swiping and messaging, but you are nowhere closer to finding a date compared to when you first started. To remedy this, LunchClick's in-built "propose a date" function encourages offline dates, and makes it easy for you to seamlessly move from connecting online to meeting someone face-to-face. It's time to stop swiping, and start meeting up.

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