More quality time for your family video calls Are your grandkids living far away? Is it hard to get their attention when you video call them? Then Family Time is the app for you. It is designed to make grandparents to grandkids interact in a fun, playful way. Family Time App is great for grandparents Video call for story time or afternoon tea. Draw together or play tic-tac-toe. All during video calls. Create memories they will treasure forever The app is easy to use and has been awarded top recognition at industry conferences. It is available for smartphones and tablets both on iOS and Android mobile devices. Family Time App does not require any subscription fees. Play for free and upgrade both apps to the paid version for just a few dollars when you decide to share your activities on video call.Family Time App is designed for grandparents and kids with activities they enjoy sharing together. Play chess or tic-tac-toe, or read stories together. Having meals together, drawing or singing-along are all so much fun during video calls.

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