SPATEZ an abbreviation for Software Programming And Technical Entry Zone , was founded by a team of young entrepreneurs from India in 2015 with the goal of creating websites, mobile applications ,smart electronic gadgets, and fun games for everyone to enjoy. supported by a team of young, dynamic and smart working professionals, who have provided its clientele, a new definition in the field of web, by delivering aesthetic and classy web solutions and other products.What started as a dream job for the team has evolved into a successful business. In 2015, the team proposed the mega-hit HASP V1.0, which is been in the stage of final designing .Based in Kerala,, the self-funded, fully independent project team has also developed a number of other websites,apps and robots including Bravero. When we bring people and innovations together, we create a new generation of technology – a technology that people truly needs. We focus on making ,trendy websites, electronic gadgets and apps that can help you control your entire Digital world. We are blessed with a young and vibrant team who have devoted their souls to guide you effectively till success is attained.

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