WeInvest. Investing. Unbiased. WeInvest.net allows investors to discover the best choice for themselves, and then determine which seller is willing to sell it at the best price. The way it should be done. Traditionally, the wealth management space operates on setting up a relationship with a seller (bank/broker/Real Estate agent), who then gives a set of choices. However, these choices are mostly limited by the sellers' inventory and motivation for commissions. WeInvest.net helps investors to identify their next investment opportunity in a simple and unbiased way. As the largest resource of investment opportunities in Singapore, WeInvest puts together investment product data including Real Estate, Restricted Funds, Mutual Funds and Time Deposits. Across all these asset classes, there are easy-to-use features to assist investors in their discovery: Search Tools: Built by WeInvest, advanced users can quickly narrow down investment options based on their preferences and strategies, whichever the asset class. These options can be easily collated for comparison and bookmarked for updates Investment Themes: Novice to Moderate users can explore their options based on the investing themes generated by other users and the WeInvest team. This helps to see what others are investing in and gain ideas for investing. Getting the best deal: Especially for Funds and Real Estate, WeInvest can assist in identifying the seller that can offer the best rates, thus improving their return on investment. WeInvest also offers a portfolio tool that helps you to evaluate your existing investments by your portfolio's performance, region and currency allocations, and profit/loss history. Where applicable, the best available alternatives will be shown for under-performing assets. You can track all your investments in Cash, Deposits, Stocks, Funds, Real Estate and more. Manage your complete portfolio in one place and get unbiased market views and research based on your investor profile.

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