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The Selfie Addict’s One Shot Wonder

Will ASUS’s ZenFone Selfie be the holy grail of die-hard selfie aficionados? Tech Storm puts it to the test!

I have no shame about the 20,000 (and counting) self-portraits in my camera roll –
Selfie could very well be my middle name. Grabbing the opportunity, I requested for a review set in pink that did little to defy the
stereotype. The ASUS ZenFone Selfie became my go-to for the entire week.

The device’s ergonomically designed curved back nestled nicely in my palm and a quick comparative weigh-in seemed
to place the ZenFone at the lighter end of the spectrum. Although it was slightly larger than what I was familiar with and took a little time getting used to, the icing on the cake was its huge 5.5” screen – all the better to see myself with.

Unboxing the ZenFone Selfie

Fatal Attraction

A phone
that boasted of a 13 MP front camera, wow, I couldn’t quite hide my excitement.
Going through all 16 features in both camera modes proved great fun, there was
just so much potential for amazing pictures. What easily stood out – ‘drawing’ a
C or S on the screen would instantly activate the rear and front camera
respectively. I found it a chore having to switch between the front and rear
camera on my phone after entering the camera app from a home screen shortcut.
Hence, this was a fresh take on camera shortcuts which set it apart from other
phones in the market.

Swipe up for a self-timed shot

plus turned out to be the ZenFone’s self-timer which was a breeze to use. For
someone with unsteady hands, I wasn’t too comfortable with tapping the button
on the back of the phone as it resulted in blurry photos. However, that was
easily rectified by its ‘drag and drop’ self-timer. I really liked how the
ZenFone could then be positioned at any angle without limiting it to the
distance my hands could stretch for a quick selfie.


Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

The ZenFone was my plus-one over the weekend when I headed over to a farmhouse for some rustic shots (OOTD Tip #1: The countryside makes for a charming background) but the weather turned unbearable. I had to steal a shot nonetheless. This bunch was treated with a
Depth of Field close up. With the vast difference I imagine that must be how food would usually look fancier with a decent camera.

Sweet juicy goodness on the ZenFone Selfie as opposed to “sour” unappetizing ones (From L to R)

What better time to selfie than when you’ve got your best face on?
Front-facing cameras usually have low specifications that render selfies
snapped under less-than-ideal conditions dark and grainy. The
Low Light mode counters that beautifully.
Coupled with the ASUS phone accessory, the Lollipop Flash and you get insta-worthy
pictures without the need of a filter, may I add.  

Now you
see us, now you don’t: Normal Mode, Low Light Mode and with Lollipop Flash (From
L to R)

Other notable features that deserved a spot in the checklist of
trigger-happy individuals like myself included one that was great for OOTDs. We know how tough it is to get a great picture
without pesky photo-bombers, so that is when the phone’s
Smart Remove mode comes in really handy. Also, All Smiles
combines each person’s best expression into a single perfect photo, because it is a herculean task getting everyone to look flawless at the same time. Brilliant
move, ASUS. 


No Post Is Really Complete Without A Picture-Of-The-Day Selfie!

Saving the best for last, I love how we got access to the
Beautification mode before even taking a photo – that saved me a ton of time having to take countless pictures, then refining them in photo-editing apps. You get to toggle the levels of your filter – Blush, Skin Softening, Skin Brightening, Eyes Enhancement, Cheeks Thinning – from levels 1-10, a pretty awesome feature considering that I would loathe to upload too perfect a photo (read: fake) of myself on social media. Softening was my absolute favourite of the lot – a godsend for those not blessed with flawless complexions. Blush comes a close second, but I would have liked it better if it had a live function for the flush to be viewable before pictures were taken. 

Baring it all: #nofilter, Beautification Mode – Skin Softening 3,
Brightening 5, Eyes 2, Cheeks 2 (From L to R)

Nobody wants to look overly airbrushed, but in moments of fatigue
where you appear ‘blah’ in front of a camera, we sure would appreciate a good perk-me-up


Too Hot To Handle

The phone does heat up quite quickly, but that’s nothing a little
TLC cannot resolve. With enhanced camera functions, one would probably require
fewer takes to get that perfect shot and hence reduce its use for prolonged
periods of time. The photos take a second to register before being saved in the
albums though, so that was a tiny bit of a boo-boo but in retrospect a small
price to pay for excellent pictures, selfies in particular (hello 13 MP!).


Will I Get It?

You bet! And here’s how YOU could
win yourselves a set too!



In celebration of the festive season,
here’s a sweet treat for all our fans and readers! We’ve got 2 x ZenFone Selfie (SGD$399 RTP)
and 1 x ZenFone 2 Laser (SGD$279 RTP) to be won courtesy of the lovely people
at ASUS.

All you’ve got to do:

  1. LIKE Tech Storm on Facebook
  2. LIKE and SHARE this entry 
  3. COMMENT: Which phone would you want to win?

3 lucky winners will be picked at
random. Contest ends 8 Dec 2015, 2359hrs. Terms and Conditions apply.

Good Luck!


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By Sherry Ng / December 1, 2015 12:00PM

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