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This App Makes Screen Sharing So Easy!

Why settle for one screen when you can have two?

©Duet Display. Reproduced for review only.

We have all heard, or even used apps like Air Display that let you share your laptop screen with an ipad, so you get 2 displays instead of one. However, as these apps use a wifi connection to link the 2 devices together, the experience of sharing screens is no more than “meh”. On bad days, the experience can make you want to pull your hair out, with unreliable wifi connection and laggy screens. Enter the Duet Display, which will change how things work around here. It is an app that makes screen sharing to be more seamless and offers both Windows and Apple support. What can Duet Display offer you that is unique, you ask?


No lag

Connect from your laptop to your ipad via a 30-pin dock or lightning connector, not using wifi. This makes the connection blazingly fast, so you can play games on both the laptop and the ipad, seamlessly. Even watching videos is painless, as it loads well on both screens. You can even bring your current screen on your laptop to the one on your ipad, by swiping it to where your ipad is. It is like playing and toggling with different displays to see where it fits best.


Ex-Apple display engineer

When people work at Apple, they tend to have an insider knowledge of how it works, and how to improve things related to Apple. Duet Display is built by people who have engineered at Apple before, so they know what they are dealing with when they were building the Duet Display. This app just works by providing a smooth experience in connecting the laptop and ipad, and we have to thank Duet Display’s founders to have worked in Apple before, as it certainly helped.

©Duet Display. Reproduced for review only.


No-frills setup

To run Duet Display on your windows laptop, you just need to download a 
free app for the Windows server. Then, go to the Apple Itunes App Store to buy the Duet Display app at S$12.98. After that, run the Duet Display Windows server app on your laptop, then connect it to your ipad using a standard USB cable. Run the Duet Display itunes app on your ipad, and a window will pop up so that you can set up your Duet Display. That’s it! Your laptop is now operational with your ipad too.


Retina and touch display

With Duet Display, you can convert your laptop into a touchscreen one, as long as you are a proud owner of an ipad. Use the programs in your laptop to its fullest as now you have the option to go touchscreen whenever you want. Craft your unique signature on your ipad, then link it up with your laptop. Play the games on your laptop by sliding, touching, and swiping, all touchscreen-only moves. New ipads have better screen resolution (retina) than most laptops, so play up their strengths when you watch a movie! Enjoy the flexibility and benefits of having dual screens, all with just one app, 
Duet Display.



By Chan Shu Hui / May 14, 2015 4:55PM GMT+8


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