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This Is A Fitbit For Swimmers

Move aside fancy wearables made only for running, this one’s for the all swimmers and water lovers amongst us

Calling all swimmers, our prayers are finally answered – or rather will be answered very soon. The frustration is real when you miscalculate the amount of laps you have done, wondered about whether you have worked out enough and more importantly, exactly how long did you take to swim those laps? Well, thankfully we aren’t the only ones facing this problem.

While most of the fitness wearables focus on runners, Swimmo is a fitness Smartwatch that focuses on swimmers, making this the first ever Smartwatch made specifically for swimmers. Swimmo has a 1.29” OLED touch screen, minimalist design to fit almost any lifestyle (less black tie events), made with anti-allergic material and it has a battery life that can last five to seven days on a full charge (that only takes two hours).

Swimmo’s Powers

Similar to fitness wearables for running, Swimmo is able to track distance, type of stroke, calories burned, swim speed, heart rate and how long your swimming session was. It operates pretty simple as well, just strap it on, start a session and swim – easy.

Aside from tracking your performance in the swimming pool, it has smart training features that coach you and cheer you on when your pace slows down during your swim. Known as IntensityCoach and Pacekeeper. IntensityCoach reads your heart rate and by doing so helps you stay in the proper heart rate zone to optimise your work out. Pacekeeper like its name suggests, helps you keep to a pre-set pace by alerting you with vibrations when your swimming pace goes above or under the pre-set range.

Swimmo connects to its companion mobile application via Bluetooth and are compatible for Android and iOS devices. It is also compatible with well known fitness and social sites like Strava, RunKeeper, Facebook and Twitter amongst others.

Swimmo’s Notable Features

There are two features that make Swimmo special. Firstly, it does not need to be constantly synced with a Smartphone in order to work or track your swim. The basic functions like tracking and collecting of information will be able to operate independently. Sync is only needed when you want more in depth information about your swim like swimming log, distance, fat burn chart, etc.

Secondly, there is a particular Open Water Swim mode. This means that Swimmo will be able to track the quality of your swim even if you are not swimming in the pool. Whether a lake, river or even a swim by the beach, Swimmo can track it all.



As awesome as Swimmo might be, it is still not for mass sale at your local shopping mall just yet. However, they can be found on Kickstarter running their campaign
here. Prices start at US$169, and you can expect your Swimmo to start shipping within the next one or two months.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / September 29, 2015 17:20PM GMT+8 Singapore


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