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This Sexy Tech Zerolizes Your Electric Bill

If you care a lot about our environment, and are worried that the power generators of the world are pumping too much black smoke into our skies, Tesla has the answer.

Fancy a world with no burning of fossil fuels, or nuclear energy? Enter a world powered by a energy source that is clean and green, yet extremely powerful, the sun. However, that vision is still a vision, and has not been accomplished. Tesla has brought it one step closer to that vision though, with its new invention, the 
Power Wall. It is a battery that stores the energy received by solar panels by day, so you can use the energy stored by night. Being mounted on the wall and relatively compact so it can be stored in a home easily, it looks like it can help some homes and businesses in the world go off the energy grid forever. Here is what we like about it:



The vision of a world that is fresh and unpolluted seems very attractive to us, compared to the hazy and smelly streets of the world’s big cities of today. The sun shines almost every day without fail, and sometimes its rays are so strong that we can get heatstroke or sunburn. Why not use this powerful and free source of energy to power the world? As the Power Wall gets its energy from the sun in the day and converts it to electricity to power everything in the house, it also can be used at night as the sun’s energy has already been stored in the battery. The only thing you need other than the Power Wall is the solar panels and to install them to work together. With the Power Wall, less smoke will be present in the world and we can all breathe fresh, clean air, not to mention all the environment benefits that come with cleaner air.


Help in times of power outages

Sometimes, a hurricane or an earthquake can disrupt power lines and the grid, causing a power outage. This is when the Power Wall comes to the rescue. With the power stored in the battery, you can use the electricity for emergency purposes like powering lights or the phone to call for help. And as always, the sun will rise again the next morning, giving you more energy to last through the day til help comes.


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It looks sexy

Looks do matter in a new product, and Tesla’s creations normally look really sleek and futuristic, like fresh out of an Iron Man movie. We sometimes wonder whether it is actually a real product, or an imaginary one. Either way, it makes you want to have it, as it will make your house look even cooler with this sleek piece of a gadget mounted on your wall, a gadget that is useful and beneficial.


Automated and easy to set up

Imagine you just bought a new gadget, and you bring it home excitedly, only to find out that it takes a ton of time trying to set it up (or learn how to set up). It is a mood killer, isn’t it? Tesla promises an easy installation and automated once it is set up, and it requires little or no maintenance.  


Though Tesla’s new Power Wall is quite useful, it has its setbacks. It costs US$3500 for a 10kWh battery, and that is excluding installation costs. If you do not have solar panels installed yet, the cost can even be more than double to get the whole solar energy system be set up and running for your home. Also, Tesla’s production has already be booked full till mid 2016, due to the insane number of reservations in the first week after the official launch of the Power Wall. This still gives us hope though, for a cleaner and better future. The journey has just started, and we are excited about what will happen next.



By Chan Shu Hui / May 13, 2015 4:55PM GMT+8


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