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Three Friends Invented This, Find Out What They Did.

Three thirty-somethings made the BOLDR watches tech smart and in vogue, but what do they want you to know with the Voyage? Find out.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “it is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” In true Hemingway fashion, these childhood friends, Leon Leong, 30, Travis Tan, 30 and Isa Ghani, 27 strayed from the climb of the corporate ladder to embark on an entrepreneurial journey to create a debut collection of BOLDR watches – the Voyage. 

Co-Founders of BOLDR (from left to right) Isa Ghani, Leon Leong and Travis Tan

Now looking back (with pride) on that journey, these childhood friends turned co-founders of BOLDR provided us with the inside scoop on the details of the journey, and what they hope you will get from having the Voyage on your wrist.

The Voyage (as pictured above) is a hybrid smart watch that combines aesthetics of aviator watches with functions of smart wearable technology.


Founding steps to being bolder

Influenced by Travis’ love for mechanical watches and a philosophy to take bold steps, the trio wanted the product to push human limits. So after almost a year of meticulous design and research put in, the Voyage was created.

But the project was not without its setbacks. Issues of a high cost in production and technical limitations of components were quickly raised at the beginning. Nevertheless, the co-founders quickly overcame these issues with persevering spirits to find solutions, and having a belief to do more.

When asked about the biggest challenge faced in the process of creating the hybrid smart watch, Leon said that the great challenge was to integrate the custom-designed BOLDR smart module with the quartz movement.

“Because such a model is not readily available on the market, we had to work closely with the engineers and programmers in Hong Kong to integrate the LEDs, IC chip, Bluetooth modules and vibration motor in a neat package, “said Leon.


Perks of being bolder

The Voyage line comes in 6 striking colours and comes packaged with a 22mm premium calf-leather strap with quick release tabs on the underside for easy switching.

Its features list include:

  • Built
    in Pedometer
  • Call/App/
    message Notifications
  • 6
    months Battery life
  • Anti
    loss of your phone
  • Shutter 

These features are aimed to improve your everyday journeys and as ‘Voyage’ suggests – it is about the journey, not the destination.
But the destination for BOLDR right now is also pretty sweet. Leon mentioned hosting a successful launch event in their home city of Kuala Lumpur and having a wide coverage from big online news portals, as parts of his career highlights. 


Aspirations of being bolder

BOLDR has big aspirations for the future. And it is only the beginning. Through technology, the founders hope to create more environmentally safe products for a better future.
But for now, Leon hopes that the Voyage will remind you to be BOLDR in all endeavors of your life and that in the spirit to ‘Be More’, promises more impressive features added to future watch collections.
The Voyage will retail at USD$179 in 2016.

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