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Want To Know How Edwin Goh Takes The Perfect Photo?

Super easy tips from Edwin on how to take that perfect
photo is surprisingly easy!

Edwin is one of Singapore’s hottest and
youngest teen idols, being cast in the 2009 local drama “Fighting Spiders”,
with no prior acting experience. His Facebook page garnered more than 20,000
likes after playing as Li Nan Xing’s estranged teenage son in the drama “On The
Fringe” in 2011. We would say he is quite a heartthrob and an early success in
the local acting industry at the young age of 17.

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Tell us what are your favourite gadgets that you can’t leave home

I can’t
leave home without my phone and my scooter.


Have you receive a gadget from friends or family that is your

My friend
gave me a wristband called “UP” which can track your physical
abilities and it has an iPhone app that corresponds with it. You can also track
how many calories you have consumed and burnt.


Tell us 2 apps your fans should know about to take that perfect
photo, selfie or video?

First and
most importantly, to take good photos, you have to use the camera app on your

Then second part, the tedious part comes in, using the Instagram app, you can
use the filters or not at all to frame your photo. TADAA!


Send us a screengrab of your mobile phone.

Edwin has begun filming The Dream Makers 2 in June 2015 after he graduated from a 3-year course with LaSalle College of the Arts



By Chan Shu Hui / June 15, 2015 10:30AM GMT+8


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