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When Chinese New Year Goes High Tech

those of you who think traditions like good old Chinese New Year or Lunar New
Year will stay unscathed by technology, think again. We picked a handsome
handful of tech tips that will either help you add some digital pizazz to your
festive joy or simply impress family and friends during the festive

Mummy’s virtual helper

home maker’s nightmare when it comes to festive spring cleaning so why not get
some extra help all at a click away to impress relative and friends.
PageAdvisor has put together a nifty list of cleaning help: everything from
aircon servicing to sofa cleaning and even car wash. So no more excuses for
looking sloppy this festive season it is about time to get the house looking
spotless and ready for the festive celebrations. We found out they even have
Bak Kwa home delivery. Yup that’s right.

yours at
www.pageadvisor.com or download it at
Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS.

When Yusheng goes
on-demand and delivered right to your doorstep

kidding, you’re reading this right. Pretty much every other service from
personal grooming to groceries can be delivered conveniently all on-demand from
your Smartphone mobile app right to your doorstep. So why not add some
delectable festive must-haves like Yusheng to your home delivery list to beat
the crowds? Deliveroo as we heard has added Chinese New Year food menu to their
on-demand offers including the traditional salmon Yusheng and even a fusion
Italian style Yusheng.

out their menu here

Be prepared for those
oh so awkward questions at family gatherings.

Yes we know, it’s
the time of the year again to feast, mingle with loved ones, collect or
distribute red packets and play mahjong. However, let us not forget the awkward
questions well-meaning relatives will get ask repeatedly year after year. A
mobile and web app so awesome that it will save your sanity and throw those
questions you have tried avoiding. Okay, we totally get it when parents are
anxious to have their children tie the knot or comparing which cousin has just
topped the class at the O level examinations.

Get your hands on
WhySoKayPoh mobile and web app

Keep grandma and
aunties happy and of course ang paos flowing

The ceremonies
and red packets have been exchanged, smiles put into full gear and the
grandparents are going on and on about the pioneer generation package. There
you are in the same spot year after year, watching reruns on the television
while munching goodies and bored out of your mind. Well, here is one awesomely
curated app for you to help manage your boredom. With some help from your
Smartphone and mankind’s greatest invention after the air conditioning system –
the Internet.

Fortune Coins mobile app has a God
of Fortune themed game that is similar to the addictive coin dozer game. This
is the virtual version of coin dozer that is commonly found at carnivals and
arcades! Scoot over Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga! Time for something
else to take the reign this Chinese New Year. The game is rather addictive; we
can vouch for this considering we spent close to 10 minutes of our lives
playing and laughing at the app. The music accompanying this game is also worth
a mention. If you thought commercial jingles are annoying, wait till you listen
to this app’s background music; it is so EPIC that it will surely set your
grandparents talking or maybe even playing or even better keep their ang paos

Ring this in on Google Play Store
for Android, App Store for iOS.

What else but Chinese
entertainment in your palm during Chinese New Year

got you the good stuff here with live and on-demand Chinese entertainment all
in the palms of your hand and pocket – Viu on mobile. We are told that Viu
offers a wide catalogue of around 10,000 hours of Asian content with about half
of that in Korean dramas. Don’t forget to share your screens with grandma and
grandpa dearest on their favourite Asian entertainment. You might just score
yourself some extra brownie points or shall we say, ang pao points?

Viu on Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS and online

Tech Storm wishes you a fortune filled and joyous
Chinese New Year this 2016!

By Jason Tan / 2 February, 2015 08:01PM GMT+8 Singapore

Disclaimer: The above images and trademarks are the sole and exclusive properties of their respective owners and are reproduced herein for the purpose of fair criticism and review.

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